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Report: Xbox exclusive Redfall is targeting an early May 2023 launch date


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Windows Central sorces report that Redfall is releasin on May 1-7 2023

According to reports and our own sources, Xbox exclusive Redfall is gunning for the first week of May 2023.

Redfall is an open-world action game where up to four friends in drop-in co-op can help liberate an eponymous island town of a nasty vampire infection. Various creative weapons, combat abilities, and optional stealth gameplay await prospective vampire hunters. The developer emphasizes that the solo "immersive sim" gameplay the studio is known for is still an option for those who seek a more traditional Arkane experience.

If things go to plan, Arkane should see an early May release in 2023 on both Xbox Series X|S consoles and PC platforms. The game will hit the Microsoft Store and Steam, and also drop day one into Xbox Game Pass for good measure.


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Nice, I’ll give it a go when the time comes.

Hoping it’ll be as fun in singleplayer as in multiplayer, even through that’s usually never the case. Seems very difficult for devs to design a game for both modes.


Good to know. If the single player campaign is even 90% as fun as Elden Ring I'll have to clear a month of my schedule for this baby.
In my hopes, Redfall will be one of 2023's top games, providing some of best co-op experiences that harken back to L4D and Borderlands.
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Well I’ll be playing Zelda but it’ll be nice to have it on GP for later, being first party it won’t be removed ever.
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