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Resident Evil 4 Remake Adds New Treasure Collectibles, But Locks Them Behind DLC

Greedycom never misses an opportunity.

You know what Wolf ? You may be right but (and it's a big "but"), Capcom, whether we like it or not is one of the few companies left out there that keep producing good, focused, no-BS quality games and for that reason alone i'll always give 'em a pass.

It's a company with some of the most recognizable, respected and loved franchises out there (and i'm sure you'll agree), i'd take a DMC, Dragon's Dogma, Viewtiful Joe, Onimusha etc etc with micro-transactions in 'em any day of the week over the bloated BS, open-world OCD collect-athons that most companies out there produce.

Again, i'm not condoning what they do/these kind of practices, but, from all the shite out there, Capcom's are the less...odorous and for that - again - personally, i'll give them a pass ;)

Cheers bro
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