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Resident Evil 4 remake new hands-on previews, gameplay, and screenshots are dropping


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Media outlets have gone up with the first hands-on previews of Resident Evil 4 remake, which include new gameplay footage and screenshots of the Capcom-developed third-person horror game.

English Previews are available at the following links: 4Gamer.net, Dengeki Online, Famitsu, GameSpot, Gamer.ne.jp, GAME Watch, IGN, Siliconera

Video Previews are below:


Battle Scene: Jack Krauser

Lake Sure Exploration Scene

Travelling with Ashley / Battle Scene: Garrador




Battle Scene: Jack Krauser

Exploration and Battle

Travelling with Ashley



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It's nice to see Leon mentioning the events with Krauser from when they went to that Latin country. That was the basis of the on rails shooting game, The Darkside Chronicles.

Kev Kev

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Capcom has been on a roll. They are back on top as one of my favorite developers. I don't typically buy games day 1, but I may have to make an exception for this one.


Maybe it’s just me but I really prefer the faces of characters in the OG RE4. I can’t believe that I think the remake characters look even more goofy than the original.
At this point, we should look at the 2 games as sepparate entities.
It's obvious that they are (almost) completely re-imagining everything.
Characters are completely different, in both appearence and characterisation, gameplay mechanics are streamlined (hopefully everything will be well ballanced to accomodate that), the overall levels and story are re-imagined, with only the general guidelines remaining reminiscent of the original.
Maybe if this game is successful (which I have no doubt it will be), they will finally remake CV under the RE Engine as well. Because if anything, I think they will have run out of games to update. CV being among their last, if not the last.

Yeah. Some may say that they could remake the original RE again, but if they did, I reckon it would be a highly inferior version to Shinji's work. Like, with how they omit things to speed up the development process.

I'm just not overly keen on the modern remakes in general, because they feel very watered down in terms of the story, the gameplay, and the graphics are good, but they bleach out the lighting. If you played the old ones a lot and see there's stuff that's missing, altered, etc, it doesn't bode well.


So apparently the directors of RE4 Remake, are the two directors of RE2 Remake. Déjà vu directorial duties.



People need to do themselves a favour by not watching any of the videos and playing the game directly. RE4 is one of my most favourite games of all time and this remake seems to be hitting just right.


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I’m kinda shocked by all the footage they’re showing. I feel like they’ve shown a lot of the game. I’m not watching a few of those just because I want to see this new stuff on my own. Back on GameCube, my first interaction with RE4 was the demo kiosk at EB Games before it came out. My first look into it was the beginning village scenario. I want all the main bad guys to be a surprise when I see them.
Imagine calling one of the best sold games of all time a failure?

I mean sure, RE4 had absolutely NOTHING of what made me fall in love with the original trilogy. You could consider it a "failed" resident evil in that sense. But I'm betting my ass that Capcom disagrees.

That's precisely what I always say of RE4. :)
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