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Resident Evil 4 VR getting The Mercenaries mode update today (and some exclusive contents like Big Head mode)


Thinks buying more servers can fix a bad patch

Resident Evil 4’s virtual reality rework for Quest 2 headsets is getting a free update, one that will add the beloved Mercenaries mode from the original game. Oculus Studios, Capcom, and developer Armature Studio announced The Mercenaries in VR on Wednesday during the Meta Quest gaming showcase. The update is available today.

The VR version of The Mercenaries for Resident Evil 4 VR features online leaderboards and 20 new challenges for players to experience. Those challenges will unlock additional new features, like a Big Head Mode, a black-and-white Classic Horror Mode, and golden gun skins. Those unlocks will be accessible in the main game, after acquiring them in The Mercenaries.


NeoGAFs Kent Brockman

Welcome back to Resident Evil 4 VR, with the latest free update, The RE4 Mercenaries VR mode! In this 17 minutes of RE4 VR gameplay, you'll watch Leon S. Kennedy, Ada Wong, Jack Krauser, HUNK, and Albert Wesker fighting it out to survive on every stage - The Village, The Castle, The Island and, The Dockside.

The Mercenaries is available right now, for free, as a downloadable update for Resident Evil 4 VR for the Meta Oculus Quest 2.
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