Returnal Ascension - Co-Op update and new content 22nd March 2022


Mckmaster uses MasterCard to buy Slave drives
Just random regional or worldwide matchmaking. No need to have friends that share the game. I don't think it will be like Journey.

If this is how it's done, I'll 100% buy it. Guarantee! I can't play this kind of game by myself.


Them disgorgers though
Saturday Night Live Love GIF by The Lonely Island


I finally started the Tower. I was just going to play for 10 minutes to try it because I had shit to do.

2 hours after, that motherfucker is like cocaine. Managed to get to phase 3 or whatever those are called. Also, is it me or everything looks super sharp now. Was there a big bump in graphics? Shit looks insane. Maybe it’s all the cross-gen stuff I’ve been playing but that it’s looking absolutely delicious.
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