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Rocksteady’s Upcoming Suicide Squad Game is Titled “Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League”


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Hmmm......I think it's too early to shit on it. I mean, I'd rather be playing as the good guys but maybe Rocksteady is more comfortable doing something like this that is more similar to their Batman Arkham Games. Games that have starred DC characters that fly don't exactly have a great track record.

It also makes me wonder if Suicide Squad and the Batman game are two sides to the same story. It's a stretch, I admit but it's something to think about.
Someone still has arkham knight in their unplayed backlog I see.

I also collected all of the riddler trophies.......4 times across 4 different profiles.

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Kill the Justice League? But Superman can kill all of them in less then a second

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I trust Rocksteady, they practically created the third person combat brawler or whatever its called. They are great.


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Snyder didn't give him much to work with either. Both of them did an atrocious job on DC.

I am never bothered in the slightest about any arguments that I might get into here about video games consoles, because I have waded in the pits of the Zack Snyder fandom.

Everybody here is calm, lucid and sensible compared to the absolute fucking nutcases that continue to support Zack Snyder’s ‘vision’ for D.C. It‘s literally a cult.
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