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Rumour: Nicholas Hault is now Batman

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Saw this show up on my feed, marking as rumour cause this whole rollercoaster ride has been a complete mess and I don’t know what to believe.

Robert Pattinson was close to finalising his contract with Warner Brothers for Matt Reeves’ upcoming Batman reboot, but the screen-test didn’t go as well as they’d hope. Nicholas Hoult is now next in line to play the Batman.



I think I prefer him over Pattinson. Looks like he could pull it off. Pattinson has a weird face and is too associated with the crappy Twilight series.


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Looks to still take the stance of Hault being Batman.

Pattinson’s agent was confident that he would land the role as Warner Bros new caped crusader, but now they aren’t as certain. According to sources close to production the casting agent wasn’t convinced with Pattinson’s screen-test. They called Nicholas Hoult, who was on the shortlist for the role, in for an impromptu screen-test.

I guess it means he was thought to be safe which is why they announced it early.


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Another superhero movie reboot. Hollywood creativity off the charts as always. lol

Let me guess, the new Batman movie will show his parents getting wasted by street thug Joker, then he morphs in vigilante crime fighter. Following movies will have you choice of Scarecrow, Riddler, and more Joker.

1. Reboot
2. Sequel 1
3. Sequel 2

4. Reboot
5. Sequel 1 (enemy is same as in above sequel 1)
6. Sequel 2 (enemy is same as in above sequel 2)

7. Reboot.............

To lazy to check anyone know how many times Spiderman has been rebooted in the past 20 years?
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now i'm worried

pattinson, a pretty boy, OK


he is a pair of tits and a razor away from being a girl


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I didn't think Affleck was that bad. But if I'm being objective about it Taylor Lautner fits the role imo and I don't even like the dude.


Edit your thread please as the same article is already updated and confirmed Pattinson is Batman. We don’t need confusions

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