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Running With Scissors Devs Want to Bring the Postal Series to Xbox


NeoGAFs Kent Brockman

To beckon the Postal series onto the Xbox platform, Running With Scissors designed a special graphic featuring The Postal Dude holding up a petition fans will recognize from the Postal 4: No Regerts town bidet quest. The graphic has all but two signatures and requests, "Hi there Xbox Xbox , would you please sign this petition?" The Postal Dude stands against a backdrop of Edensin, the main setting where Postal 4's story takes place.

To rally fans behind the cause, Running With Scissors asks gamers who share its vision of Postal arriving on Xbox: "If you want the POSTAL games on Xbox, tweet with #POSTALonXbox!" The hashtag is featured again on the actual poster in green, alongside encouraging text: "Only you can make a difference (Maybe)". Fans in the comments are generally responding positively. Over 500 people have already retweeted the post, many fans including remarks affirming their excitement.

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