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Rust Developer Double Eleven Working on New Fallout 76 Content


NeoGAFs Kent Brockman

Bethesda Game Studios is now joining forces with Double Eleven, the developer of Rust, to produce entirely new content for Fallout 76 and continue the game's development for the foreseeable future. Double Eleven CEO, Lee Hutchinson, said that working on this game alongside Bethesda is a "dream come true," and the studio has exciting news to share about its future.

According to Double Eleven, the company entered into content production discussions with Bethesda in late 2020 and had already produced some entirely new content for the game that will be released as part of Fallout 76's 2022 content roadmap. Double Eleven didn't go into much detail about which content exactly that might be, as there are four major releases already announced for the remainder of the year.



they ported rust to consoles, not the pc developers

Thank you, I was wondering what Double Eleven was doing on something like Rust, a game that's maybe fine but is the 30trillionth wilderness survival game (...are there zombies in Rust?)

Not that they're fine artists at Double Eleven, they're ruddy-nose port workers, but when I think of Double Eleven, I'd prefer to think of them working with Tarsier to bring LBP to Vita, or refactoring Frozen Synapse for controller/touch play in Frozen Synapse Prime and stuff like that.

But yeah, Fallout 76, more content, that's fine for that playerbase if the support is there. It's good that this isn't a Bethesda internal effort at this point though; if the online game is going to make money but it's enough of a dogear that the hardcore Fallout fans will never touch it, let it continue to survive and feed its players but use the money to hire other people to make it while the main office is on something new. (And it worked out well back in the day with Obsidian and Fallout New Vegas, so win-win, maybe.)
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