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Salt and Sacrifice Review Thread


So far to me its seems most "Souls like" game very on the nose where they get their inspiration from and most of the time they are just no where near as good as actual FROM games.
Sure, it does feel so far like this isn't an emerging "genre" so much as a popular game inspiring a lot of copycats. Sometimes with phenomenons like this, there's a lot to mine and expand away from as more games deliver their take on the concept; other times, the difference between them is barely more than cosmetic. (And with Soulslikes, it's not even necessarily cosmetic, since most are trying to replicate From's grimdark medieval fantasy or gothic horror style.)

However, there have been some quite-good games to come along that have been labeled Soulslike and seem to have own some credit of inspiration but are still worth people's time. Maybe not you, if you only want to narrow in on FromSoft games (can't really go wrong with that choice, unless From loses its step,) but they're out there for other people to enjoy.

And in 2D I dont want Soul like combat, I want more like this....

I mean, those are fine games, but those are their own thing. There are lots of types of action-platformers. I'm personally happy to be living in a world where Vanillaware is not the only company making 2D games.

And I can't think of many genres or game concepts where I would say, "No, I do not ever want to play a 2D version of that." If a game developer does something interesting and it's a game mechanic or combat type I like and they find a way to transpose it to 2D, then I'm curious to see how the game pulled it off. (Not every attempt works out, just like not every move from 2D to 3D makes for good games, but these game concepts tend to find a way when in the right developer's hands.)
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For veterans of soulslikes, especially 2D ones, Salt and Sacrifice will fit neatly into your library as yet another largely successful interpretation of the subgenre. Those looking for the next level of challenge, artistic creativity, or gameplay innovation in it will almost certainly be left wanting though, as so much of this game’s DNA has already been explored countless times.

Still, while Salt and Sacrifice’s few wrinkles do add to the format, and with how well the boss fights pop off the screen, it's still a game that has much more to like about it than not.


This is just mostly my taste, when it comes to action combat in 2D I want it to be fast with proper combos.

Funny enough, they had that with their "Dishwasher" series but have gotten closer to copying Dark Souls since. What turns me off is the almost stop motion-like animations. I might still pick it up during a drought for cheap.
15 hours into it on PS5, 3rd region, I'm digging it. Loved the first game but the sequel does make some drastic changes to the point where enjoying the first entry is no guarantee you'll like this.

They went with a Demon's Souls style hub where you access the different regions. As you progress and unlock various traversal tools (grappling hook ftw) you'll be able to access new areas in regions you've already "cleared", standard Metroidvania stuff. Biggest change by far are the Monster Hunter-esque Mage hunts. Mages drop materials which can then be used to craft various gear from armor sets to weapons to rings and amulets. This is...an interesting design choice. At times I enjoy it, at times I find it tedious. A lot of the reviews cover both the negative and positive aspects of the system and if you're interested in the game I suggest reading through a few first.

The nature of stamina regen, stunlocking and lack of map are all flaws that tarnish the experience. The former two can lead to cheap deaths while the absence of the latter means you'd better have a photographic memory to remember exactly where that locked door/grapple point/ladder leading to XYZ was. Art style is what it is, I like it. Skill tree is a sprawling mess that presents a lot of options for build diversity but doesn't encourage experimentation due to weapon classes/tiers being locked behind their individual nodes, respec system sucks.

Despite my criticisms I'm enjoying it a lot. Entire game (minus music) is made by one man which is quite impressive. Happy to support indies day 1, feel like it needed just a bit more time in the oven (was already delayed once iirc) but hopefully some the issues that can be patched *will* be patched and get the game to where it should be.
Unfortunately, not really enjoying it.

The combat seems to have taken a few steps back and the mage hunts are bloody awful. A large monster turns up and just chucks random mobs at you.

Way, WAY too much stun locking.

Also, really needs a map.

Will stick with it for a few more hours but not good so far.
This is exactly the way I feel about this game...doesn't have as good of atmosphere as the first either ...im still early in it so maybe I'm being unfair but there seems to be a lot of unnecessary changes that make the game less fun. The hub world being one of them, the mage hunts, the crafting/upgrading being tedious, less satisfying parry
Someone recently made a thread about why do so many sequels make drastic changes to elements that were already good and better in the previous game and this game fits that mold somewhat.
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