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Scarlet Nexus - Overrated, Bland, Repetitive, Indie Budget?


It's on game pass so of course I tried it for free. And yeah it's not grabbing me at all. I doubt I'll go back to it


For me, the biggest problem with the game was that it was just plain boring. The story was uninteresting and the characters were bland.


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Yeah after the demo it was no go for me.
there was just no substance there and the control was awful.


I understand that to each is their own, but man, I thought scarlet nexus was fun and the story interesting.

Do I think it starts slow, but man, when the train starts going, it goes.


Downloaded this game because of gamepass on pc and have put about 3 hours into it. I can pretty much agree with the people talking about the combat being boring. I am pretty disappointed by this too. The world in general looks interesting and cool. The actual dungeons/battle areas are all samey looking so far and not very interesting. Part of me just wants to wait a little bit regarding the story since it seems every japanese game takes a long time before it builds things up to the point where the story actually gets very interesting.


They should make a sequel to Code Vein rather than greenlight this turd.
Well I guess some of CV content is too problematic for the west, so that's way they choose to make this edgy chuuni teen rated turd instead.
Good riddance.

Or another God Eater since they exist in the same setting.


The endless, drawn out, inane dialogue was the worst aspect for me.
I really enjoyed the characters and story. I just wished the game had been properly edited to cut out all the bloat.


Gameplay loop is fun . You have to play hard mode to appreciate the combat enough for it to be not button spamming . Characters and story are decent which sometimes carry the Jrpg .

One thing for sure I had way more fun in Scarlet Nexus than Code Vein . Code Vein is terrible with the hit impact on the enemies .


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I didn't like it much at all. It annoyed the hell out of me. Objectively I thought it was ok at best, but I liked it much less than that personally. I posted my thoughts in the Scarlet Nexus OT thread.


A drab, anime ass game that merely benefitted from extra attention during a fairly content-starved year.


I had to stop playing it after Phase 7. The dialogue writing and the characters are so uninteresting it was putting me to sleep. I fuck this and started playing The Ascent on PC. Great game.

Edit: JRPGs for the last generation were pretty uninteresting and lacked a lot of creativity. I avoided so much of it and I realized that subset of games is not for me anymore. Anime games have been horrible with writing.
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My apologies to everyone else for the slight derail; what anime is this from? Has a very 90s look to it which is lovely.


This is one of those rare game that Anime adaption story actually has more addition detail , presentation and explanation , remove irrelevant plot point than the main game story
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This feels like 95% of anime games tbh.

I tried the demo and i just hate how most anime game have floaty characters.


I love it's art style. The characters and the combat are dull, dull ,dull though. It felt like a chore to play
I’m really enjoying it actually. You can see the cut corners, reused spaces and the cutscenes are disappointing. But I’ve genuinely enjoyed the experience so far. The story is a bit out there, and the way the characters react to certain events feels a little off.. but if you walk into this expecting a B-tier anime experience, you’ll be happy.
I really like it. The only problem I could have is that the world has this strange holodeck feel to it. The buildings feel too small and I swear like I am just going to walk right up to one and somehow end up inside it, like it's not even there. The buildings are kinda hard on my eyes because of this and I do not know if I am explaining it properly. Like even though they are right in front of my character, they feel small and far away? Maybe the camera needs zoomed in when not in combat or something? But I do like the game and figure it's a 7 or 8 for me.
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So I just spent a good amount of time finishing the game on Hard ( I like a good challenge and this was) - and I hadn't looked into this game much so I was going in blind. After I finished the game, I looked at scores and general sentiment for this game - and the amount of praise it got baffled me. This is a 6/10 game at best but it's getting way higher scores by critics. How's that possible when:

  • Game hardly has any animated cutscenes - but comic style story-telling (which is what indie games resort to usually for budgeting reasons)
  • Environments/Dungeons are DEAD, bland,uninteresting - and your only purpose is to walk through them until the next fight starts
  • Enemies/bosses are repetitive - you know, the type of game that throws in the same boss again, but now there's 2 of them..and then 3? Yeah..
  • Some boss fights are literally your team members (lol) - nice shortcut.
  • Combat system had so much potential - but you never need to change anything because...you gussed it, SAME DAMN ENEMIES/BOSSES.
  • Brain gear (items) is just broken and makes the game easy.
  • Far too many team members - making them all forgettable.
  • Member skills are cool - but the game never allows you to experiment. It's only at the end of the game where you have all your members and you can finally CHOOSE how to play the game...but it's the end, what's the point?
I could go on honestly. In the end, I thought this game was sugar-coated with cool and colourful character designs, and they hoped somehow people would miss everything else is painfully subpar? It feels like there is another half of the game missing, with actual new enemies and boss fights - but instead you get the credits.
Agree op, played the tutorial seem kinda repetitive
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