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Sea of Thieves: Legends of the Sea Update Detailed in New Trailer; Full Patch Notes Released



Rare is kicking off the decade with a massive content update for Sea of Thieves called Legends of the Sea. It’s set to add new “Gilded Voyages” that net big rewards; “Ashen Tomes” to unlock new cosmetics; new legendary pirates, as well as weapons, items, and ship sets via the Black Market.

Legends of the Sea Full Patch Notes:
  • Legends of the Sea – Umbra has begun compiling a list of rumors and tales of legendary pirates, and now tasks players with unraveling their secrets. A new collection in the Bilge Rats Reputation tab has been added for Legends of the Sea – follow the clues and uncover the locations spread across the Sea of Thieves.
  • Cosmetic ‘Appraisal’ – Umbra has heard of certain cosmetics having a special story to tell. Seek out these special cosmetics and equip them before talking to Umbra to learn a little more about their backstory.
  • Legacy of the Sea – Along with tales of legendary pirates, Umbra has also begun chronicling tales from the storied past of the Sea of Thieves. Revisit locations from historical events to unlock this ever-growing legacy!
  • Legends of the Sea Commendations and Rewards – Each legendary mark on the world has been cataloged into collections, with Commendations to earn for each story. Uncover stories from ‘The Sea’s Most Wanted’, The Daredevils’, ‘The Loveable Rogues’, ‘The Insatiable’, ‘The Swashbucklers’, ‘The Artistic Souls’, ‘The Piratical Jokers’, ‘The Pirate Scribes’, ‘The Gift Givers’ and the ‘The Early Settlers’ to unlock Doubloon rewards and unlock new tattoos themed to each collection, available from Umbra once unlocked!
Gilded Voyages
  • Gilded Voyages – Duke is offering pirates a single Gilded Voyage apiece. Choose from a Gilded Hoard, Gilded Merchant Stash or Gilded Duel Voyage to earn high-value rewards! Pirate Legends can also choose a Gilded Voyage of Legends leading to multiple Chests of Legends.
  • Reaper’s Bounty – There have recently been sightings of new glittering pillars of light reaching skyward. Upon reaching the source, pirates can pick up a Reaper’s Bounty! This acts like a Reaper’s Chest, but cashing it in to the Masked Stranger at The Reaper’s Hideout will reward players with a fine haul of gold. Following the Legends of the Sea update, the Reaper’s Bounty and gold rewards will persist as an emergent encounter in the world.
  • Reaper’s Chest Cash-In Location and Payout – Duke warns players he is no longer accepting Reaper’s Chests and directs players to deliver them to the Masked Stranger at The Reaper’s Hideout. Due to the enhanced threat when delivering to this new location, pirates will now be rewarded with more Doubloons for each chest!
  • Double Gold at The Reaper’s Hideout – Pirates can now sell Captain’s Chests, Villainous Skulls, Crates of Exotic Silks, Chests of Legends and even Ashen Chests of Legends to the Masked Stranger at The Reaper’s Hideout for double gold!
  • Ashen Treasures Commendations and Rewards: Volume 3 – Duke and the Outpost stores both have new stocks of Ashen cosmetics, rewarding pirates for collecting the next volume of Ashen Tomes hidden inside recovered Ashen Chests. In the Legends of the Sea update, Tomes of Fire can be recovered, allowing access to new Commendations and cosmetics including items from the clothing, weapon, item and ship sets. Tomes of Curses and Tomes of Power can still be found, allowing access to previous Ashen cosmetics. All Ashen Treasures Commendations and rewards will become a permanent addition to Outpost stores after the Legends of the Sea update.
  • Ashen Treasures Achievements – A range of Xbox achievements has been added for unlocking in-game Commendations. A total of 35 gamerscore is available to earn from this update, and these achievements will persist in the game for future updates.
  • Tome of Fire I <5G>
  • Tome of Fire II <5G>
  • Tome of Fire III <5G>
  • Tome of Fire IV <5G>
  • Tome of Fire V <5G>
  • Tome of Fire Collector <10G>
Pirate Emporium
  • Lunar Festival – Celebrate the new year with the Lunar Festival! The Pirate Emporium is putting out a range of seasonal options, so pick up a Festival Dragon outfit for your pets and themed equipment.
  • Lunar Festival Discount Bundles – For this month only, you can pick up discounted bundles for the Macaw and Capuchin, each dressed in a Lunar outfit.
  • Kraken Discount Bundles – For this month only, you can pick up discounted bundles for the Parakeet, Capuchin, Macaw, Marmoset and Cockatoo, each dressed in their Kraken outfits.
  • Sovereign Emote Bundle – Bring some decorum back to the seas with the Sovereign Emote Bundle, with a fresh set of core emotes, and sail with distinction!
  • Gold Hoarder Emote Bundle – Express yourself like a true Gold Hoarder with a range of themed emotes. Rub your hands with glee as your crew bring aboard treasure, or conjure a coin out of thin air!
  • Romance Emote Bundle – Are you ready? Are you ready for ROMANCE? The Romance Emote Bundle offers four love-themed emotes for you to woo your crewmates.
  • Monkey Dance – Have you always wanted to dance the night away with your loyal monkey companion, but never really felt truly synchronized? Mimic your monkey with this Monkey Dance!
  • More Emote Radial Pages – Players will now have access to five configurable emote radial pages.
  • Lunar Festival Bundle (Store Only) – Available only on the Xbox and Microsoft Stores. Celebrate the New Year in Style with the Lunar Festival Bundle, full of gear to help get the party boat rocking! Within you’ll find the Lunar Festival Item Bundle of four themed items, four romance-themed emotes plus 1000 Ancient Coins and free bonus Gold – you’ll be the life of the party! Head to the Store to find out more.
Black Market
  • Aristocrat Ship Set– Introducing the complete Aristocrat Ship Set. This includes the Aristocrat Hull, Sails, Flag, Wheel, Capstan, Cannons and Figurehead, all available for Doubloons.
  • Aristocrat Weapons – Following this elegant Ship Set, players can also pick up the Aristocrat Weapon Set comprising the Aristocrat Cutlass, Flintlock, Eye of Reach and Blunderbuss, all available for Doubloons.
  • Mercenary Instruments – Continuing the quest to complete unfinished sets, Duke is making the Mercenary Instruments available for Doubloons this month: that’s the Mercenary Concertina, Hurdy-Gurdy, Drum and Banjo!
  • Nightshine Parrot Weapons – How about something for your gold? This month brings the introduction of the Nightshine Parrot set, starting with the weapons. Players can purchase the Nightshine Cutlass, Flintlock, Eye of Reach and Blunderbuss.
  • Nightshine Parrot Clothing – More Nightshine Parrot goods! Continuing with the theme, this month players can purchase the Nightshine Parrot Jacket, Dress and Hat.
  • Crimson Corsair Sea Dog Clothing – For pirates looking for a more rustic appearance, this month offers a twist on the Corsair Sea Dog Clothing Set. The full Crimson Corsair Sea Dog Clothing Set can be acquired in exchange for gold!
Outpost Cosmetics
  • Outpost Clothing Store Update – The Outpost clothing stores now stock a range of new clothing styles to provide a scrappier pirate look! With new hats, shirts, jackets, gloves, belts and shoes, there’s surely something to catch your eye. Keen-eyed players will also notice the introduction of some previously seen cosmetics from legacy game footage…
  • More Feminine Clothing Colour Options – Following the previous release of more feminine clothing options, new colour variants have now been released for you to mix and match!
The Arena
  • Preventing Stormy Starts – It is no longer possible to start a contest inside a storm. However, storms are still present in The Arena with their dynamic effects on gameplay, so players can continue to use them as part of their strategy or get caught by surprise!
  • Sunken Ships Respawning Faster – Ships that have been sunk in The Arena will sink to the depths faster, allowing a new ship to spawn more quickly. This will reduce loading times when using the mermaid or coming back from death after sinking.
  • Adventure Cross Play – Xbox players now have an option in the main settings menu (before jumping into a game session) to enable an Xbox controller preference for Adventure matchmaking. This will search for Xbox players using controllers and attempt to match you with players who have also selected this option. If not enough players can be found with this preference, you will be moved to a mixed-platform game so that you can still get into the action. If you set this preference to ‘Off’, you will be matched with all players including those on PC and any Xbox players using a mouse and keyboard.
  • Emergent Storage Crates Filled! – Storage crates discovered across the seas can now spawn with a range of goodies inside. Even the Fruit Crate now has fruit inside!
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