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Seasons Explained: Official Sea of Thieves Gameplay Guide



Sea of Thieves enters a new era on January 28th with the arrival of Seasons! Learn all about earning Renown in the Seasonal progression system, the rewards you can earn, the optional Plunder Pass and much more... For more info on Seasons, we've penned a helpful article over on the Sea of Thieves website! From what Seasons mean for Sea of Thieves updates, to our thinking about how Renown will make every sail more rewarding – find it here: https://aka.ms/SoT_Seasons
I'm pretty excited for this. The battle pass seems fine. Not a fan of this being all we get for 3 months though. Sounds like from their other video we are getting merchant missions and the pass and that seems like all for 3 months. Hopefully they will announce more
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