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Shit games You like

is this thread a good idea?

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  • get a life

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Custer's Revenge. Nothing like tying up those poor Indian women and having your way with them.




I dream of a remaster of this game. Probably my favourite in the series.

I would not call DW3 shit, I remember it getting pretty average to good scores when it came. Now DW6 or putting one of the Empire games on here I would be inclined to agree more with.

I remember liking this even though it is kinda garbage, I will still stand by its art direction, I think it's great:

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Resident Evil 6 is considered crap by many but I finished each of the campaign's 3 times.

Also Final Fantasy XIII
FFXIII is a great jrpg just not a good final fantasy game.

I really enjoyed the order 1886 and was shocked at how much hate it got. It shouldn't have been priced at $60.


I like my cheeseburgers with cheese. I like my video games with cheese. I like my cheese with cheese. I like my socks with cheese. I like cheese, I guess.
hardly what id say is a shit game ffs....think superman 64 levels of shit.
As a huge fan of tomb raider the reboot was nowhere close to capturing the feeling of the original games. It was that bad for me, and that’s my personal opinion. The puzzle caves just didn’t cut it for me. It felt like an afterthought while gunning down goons was the main gameplay. That just ain’t tomb raider. Tomb raider is carefully excecuted jumps, puzzle solving and exploration. The puzzle caves of the reboot should be the main focus of tomb raider. That’s what I think.
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