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Should Crossplay between Console & PC Always be optional?

Should Console Crossplay with PC ALWAYS be optional

  • Always Optional

    Votes: 140 88.6%
  • Always Mandatory

    Votes: 18 11.4%

  • Total voters


Like most of you I've never cheated or hacked in a video game. My earliest experiences were in an arcade where we had to pay to game. Which made "Get Good" a necessity among all of us. But with this recent push for crossplay on console I've been increasingly exposed to some of the most egregious and comically hilarious hacks. Personally, I would rather abandon a game completely than be forced to game with PC.

That process of you thinking to yourself "How the fuck did I get hit through the wall, door, roof, ceiling, and other side of the map." Only to spectate and see the weirdest gameplay where ever shot fired doesn't miss is for me, simply not worth it. It's the reason why I prefer multi gaming on console because I don't ever run into this bullshit. Obviously, I'm not saying it doesn't exist on console. Just that I can count the number of times I've actually experienced it on console, on one hand.

So my question is this. Should Crossplay be mandatory. Or should console gamers be able to opt out?

Here's a clip of what hacking looks like today. It's almost sophisticated.

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Depends on the game.

If you have well balanced gameplay and want to maximize the online player-base, it's better to make it mandatory.

If there is some schism in gameplay or skill, then it should be an option.
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When I still played BF2042 the play style of the PC guys was very different, more players could read the moment and create organized momentum. On the PlayStation it was chaotic and random most of time. So I always chose crossplay.


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Always optional. Anyone who votes otherwise has a screw loose in their brainpan.


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I think should be mandatory to have in all platforms:
  • Crossplay in all games
  • Crossprogression in all games
  • A proper anti-cheat system and more strict system wide punishment system, like banning permanently all Steam accounts on that PC or PSN accounts on that console from being able to play online in any game
  • A block to don't allow online play to players using mods
  • To separate wifi from cable players in competitive modes, or to remove wifi players from competitive modes
  • To include an anti wifi warrior filter in casual modes
  • Matchmaking in ranked favoring both most similar skill and better ping between matched players
  • A block to don't allow online play for potato PCs who can't play the game on good enough conditions, which negatively affects the match
  • A block to don't allow competitive online play for those with good enough internet connection
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This is a tricky one because cossplay along with cross progression has unified the community for the better.

But the cheaters on PC are just fucking too much, Warzone on Verdansk cheaters were everywhere.

I want to see crossplay and cross progression but they need to take cheating as #1 priority and take it seriously, same goes for consoles. Sony and Microsoft have the ability to stop devices like Cronus Zen but they choose not to.


People who cheat are lame. The idea of cross play is great but people have to ruin it. I don't play online games much these days so I don't care either way.


Yes, i will never play a pvp game so i am not even concerned about cheaters anymore. I dont pay enough attention and my IQ is way too low to even recognize one, but i sure as hell dont want to wait 5 minutes for a game to start because someone has a console with hdd.
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Even without cheats, there can be differences between platforms that could make give advantages or disadvantages.

I always turn cross-play off unless I'm playing with people I know who are on other platforms.
I honestly don't get why people hack in mp. It's beyond stupid. And then make a clip about it on tiktok with some... Idk music and slow Mo edits and stuff? Bro, who is watching this and going this is exactly the type of content I'm interested in!

Ya, cross play should always be optional in PvP modes. PvE.. don't think it's super important but as others have said, options are always welcome


Here's a clip of what hacking looks like today. It's almost sophisticated.

Eh, the way COD is heading, I would say that clip is just some operator skill/perk/whatever...

And yes, it should ALWAYS be optional.
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Love me some BFV and I have it on PC and PlayStation. PC is cheater invested and thank god there is no cross play.

If it’s not optional I won’t buy it


Yes please. When I play with fellow PC gamers there is a tiny chance I might face a cheater that will eventually get banned but when I face console gamers they all have legal aim bots.
That video is hilarious, simply because the subtitle makes it seem like they actually won.

Also, this has nothing to do with cross play being enabled, this has everything to do with developers/publishers not doing enough to combat cheating.

Streamers seem to be regularly cheating too, but publishers do nothing about it because they are all exposure for the game. Money speaks real loud in the gaming industry (like most other industries I guess).


You should totally be able to turn that off. Idk why someone on a console would even use it unless the game is dying or they have a particular person they want to play with on pc.
There should be a 3rd option to just allow cross play between consoles.

Even better games with team deathmatch etc match you by team on your console. Cod 6v6 Xbox Vs Ps. The ultimate console war.


Optional, specifically for FPS games.

It's great for playing with friends on other platforms, but I'm tired of playing against assists and waiting for consoles to load.


I cry about SonyGaf from my chair in Redmond, WA
Sony and Microsoft have the ability to stop devices like Cronus Zen but they choose not to
AFAIK they try to come up with new ways to block it but the devs works hard to go around it.

Recently they made something that restricts mouse movement to do more input than a analogue controller or something similar, making it even harder to detect.
Always optional. The gap between mouse & keyboard/controller on FPS games and cheaters/non-cheaters is too big. I'd never play Console vs PC. I would play Xbox vs PS though.
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