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Should VR showcases be separated by main system showcases?

Do you like the current combined format?

  • Fuck yes

    Votes: 29 56.9%
  • Fuck no

    Votes: 22 43.1%

  • Total voters


So, How many of think that sony combining one of their major showcases with VR titles showcase is a good idea.

I don't wanna pass judgement on it but I am feeling that 1 hour time will be limiting in this scenario.

Edit: I realized the thread title and question are opposite so pay attention.
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I’d prefer separate events similar to how nintendo has separate for pokemon, main events and indie events.

This gives them more time to talk about whats focused (regular analog games, indie games, vr titles)

Granted i have no direct interest in the vr2 so theres a bit of bias


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You do know Sony has vested interest in not treating PSVR2 like some third rate ghetto right? And they do that, in part, by putting its games next to other ones? How are they going to convince you it is a platform worth owning if they just relegate it to some side show you ignore?
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We need VR to be as mainstream as possible to have the next gen experiences that we want, and VR can be amazing. And this pass by marketing it as equal as normal games. If not better.


Don't worry if you prefer VR only showcases meta has you covered on june 1. If you prefer no vr showcases microsoft has you covered and if you like both like the taco add girl Sony has you covered.
No, but I think any updates to GaaS games should be separated from Showcases. At least make those the preshow or postshow.
Tired of having to see Sea of Thieves over and over and over, haha

Mr Hyde

I would prefer separated events, since I'm not into VR, but I don't mind it either. VR seems to be running deep into Playstations DNA now so it's better to accept it and be happy for those that enjoy it. I get my fair share of traditional games too so we're all good.


I don’t have a PSVR2 and then it mostly take time away from other things I rather look at on the showcase.


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Yes. Put VR Shovelware with indie shovelware and release it under a trigger warning for gamers with standards.

this is a joke. but yes, separate them.
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Well they have to sell PSVR 2 somehow.

An actual PlayStation showcase is the most visibility it can get.

Plus, some of these new games WILL be hybrids.
Just keep them together, I don’t want to have to watch two separate show cases for the same companies VR games. It’s a waste of time for me and resources for the company. Oh and god fucking forbid we give them more excuses to charge us more money!


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I'm fine either way. I do know that VR gaming has almost ruined my chances of ever playing racing, flight sims, horror or most any fps game if it isn't in VR.
GT7 and RE8 are magnitudes superior in VR. It's not even remotely close.
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How are Sony supposed to drive interest into PSVR2 if they don't include it in their main events? Only those already invested in VR would watch them.


No beef with VR here- i want one when the right title comes along. Had the original and currently own an Oculus.
But yes, I would prefer it separated. I also understand why it's there.

No harm no foul
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Yes, majority of people give 2 fucks about vr, even between hardcore gamers.

(And i have 2 vr headsets)
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Don't care for vr. It is still for the most part, overpriced, uncomfortable, sweaty, bad optics headset.
I had to return psvr2. Not because Call of the mountain was terrible (which it was a typical vr overtalked simple crap) but because it was very uncomfortable.
That big rubber part on your forhead gets super sweaty and disgusting... and I played it in the winter.
The big rubber part on the back keeps slipping up, making the headset tilt down and loosing sweet spot.
And the sweet spot is the smallest of any headset I had.

I am a big VR guy since 2013 and dk1 but the games never evolved. It's still the same, simple limited games.
There are exceptions like Alyx but even it is so limited compared to hl2.


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How are Sony supposed to drive interest into PSVR2 if they don't include it in their main events? Only those already invested in VR would watch them.

They have a huge base of gamers with a PS5, which drives PSVR2, but lets ignore the opportunity to advertise to them. lol. I could understand not going overboard with it pushing endless indies and Quest ports to PS5 owners, but if they have big-name stuff like Killzone VR etc, that should be seen by the masses and PS loyalists.

But the same people probably jump at any opportunity to say PSVR2 isn't selling well(which we don't really know), but they want VR games completely omitted from advertising to the masses of PS5 owners. haha


Confusing thread, had to change my vote...

Every event should be an opportunity to market your full ecosystem, separating into 2 events would be a terrible business decision.
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