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Silent Hill 2 Remake by Bloober Team reportedly in the works


Why why why,...

Absolutely. I think the plot is a bit of a mess but the environments, mood and overall desperation is a 1:1 with the games. Possibly the best game to movie adaptation.

Also, it’s actually scary and disturbing.
What's the movie you guys talking please.


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Ian Henry

I'm interested but I was hoping that they would do remakes of all the 1st three Silent Hill games not just the safe option of just doing 2 smh. Or better yet make a new installment or a creative way to combine the OG trilogy to make it accessible for the new generation of gamers.

Bloober Team is aight. The Medium was a decent game albeit janky. Honestly I hope they get some Team Silent folks helping them out on creating the feel and atmosphere of SH down to a T. I'm a little skeptical but we'll see. Ya'll sounding like some debbie downers tho lol


The only good thing to come out of this news and this thread are all the trogs who think the picture in the OP is real. Legit fkn lolled reading every single one. How do some of you make it through life?
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