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Site Update - Game Console Mentions


Requiescat In Pace
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Palliasso Palliasso

No @Okama Gamesphere ?



We wanted to stick to the systems themselves and steer clear of the iterative consoles. No Playstation 4 Pro, no Xbox One X, no "New 3DS", no Gameboy Advance SP, etc.

Also some of you guys are suggesting some really obscure stuff! :p

damn 😞.... 🖐 the gangs all here 🧽


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They were dark times thinking back on it... but without widespread access to the internet we didn't know any better, so nothing to miss!

True that, we only knew of cool things through snippets in magazines.

The world was so much bigger and more imaginative back then.

But why shouldn't the european console get the same icon? I mean even the Ouya Ouya got one FFS.

He did say they weren’t done. So maybe over time?
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S Snoopy Game & Watch


Just kidding.

Palliasso Palliasso Whilst we’re on the subject. Is it possible to get rid of the ‘@‘ symbol when you tag someone. I know another forum that runs the same forum software does this.

I don’t mean when you type it. I mean when it is displayed. Because the @ symbol breaks up sentences and me being a Doctor of English, it’s a pet peeve of mine.

Cheers for all the hard, yet awesome work.

EDIT: And just like magic, the ‘@‘ symbol was there in the preview of my post, but replaced by your avatar when I actually posted it. I guess you already fixed this issue. You’re a gun.
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Will the consoles get a notification though?

Edit: On a more serious note, PlayStation systems should be capitalised like this. Similarly, the GameCube GameCube wants to be written as GameCube.
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FYI: When I first saw this pop-up message at the top of GAF informing me about this cool feature and mentioning my user name, I was touched, as it was the most human interaction I have had for a while. Naturally, I closed that message right away.


How can you guys have Pippin Pippin but not S Sharp X68000 ? I feel downright violated.

EDIT: S Sharp sorry, duder. Wasn't trying to summon you.
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Requiescat In Pace
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There are still quite a few of these that I didn't include in the OP and nobody has used yet. Just sayin'.
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