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Site Update - User Generated Giveaways

I got the same key-less enjoy error from modbot on the Shakka43 giveaway for Outward...

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Sidney Prescott

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I really appreciate you guys doing the giveaways. It's really nice of you.

I have a Steam account now, so can finally enter some! I'm leaving off the games I can't run however. As tempting as it is to try to get Tomb Raider. :messenger_smiling_with_eyes:

If I ever get any spare cash, I'll do some giveaways myself. Steam Summer Sale might be a good bet for that. Plenty of games will be on big price drops.
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Thanks eddie4 eddie4 for FortressCraft Evolved, Spirits of Metropolis: Legacy Edition and Perchang.

You guys sure the algorithm is working allright?
i have a steam gift version of the game Gun Monkeys as well as 3 guest passes for Red Orchestra 2 that I would like to give away however since I dont have a key i cant create a giveaway for them

if anybody would like either of them let me know your steam name and i will send them to you
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