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News Smash Bros. Director Masahiro Sakurai Just Bought An Xbox Series X


May 2, 2020

Masahiro Sakurai Xbox
Sakurai yesterday caught our attention when he shared an image of himself riding a horse, and now he's got social media's attention again, this time for purchasing an Xbox!

Yes, that's right - the director of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has finally got his hands on Microsoft's latest and most powerful console, the Xbox Series X. Sakurai, in general, is a lover of games - so it's no surprise to see he's added the latest Xbox hardware to his gaming setup, which already features a Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 5.

Here is Google's rough translation, along with a reply from the official Xbox Twitter account:

"One year after its release, I finally bought it ...! It may be affected by Corona, but it will continue to be difficult to obtain game consoles."
Hope you and Fukura have fun, Mr. Sakurai! 💚— Xbox (@Xbox) November 14, 2021
Xbox has just reached its 20th anniversary, and it finally seems to be getting some attention in Japan's gaming market - thanks to Game Pass and xCloud, which can be played across multiple devices. Xbox Series X|S is also doing quite well in the region.

Just this week, it was confirmed the combined sales of Xbox Series X|S had already surpassed the total lifetime sales of Xbox One. As reported on our sister site Pure Xbox, Microsoft's new systems shifted around 116,119 units in one year compared to Xbox One's 114,726 units after about seven and half years.

Xbox also confirmed Japan has become the system's fastest-growing market, and it follows on from Xbox stating how it wants to expand its reach within this region - by securing more Japanese partnerships and Japanese-made games for its services.

Halo Infinite launches on the platform on December 8th, so perhaps Sakurai is getting ready for that. Any other recommendations for him though? Have you got an Xbox? Leave a comment down below.



Sep 3, 2021
Master Chief for Smash conf...
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Feb 20, 2018
He's in just in time for the Halo drop, I see. I wonder if his next project going to be a(nother) deconstruction of the shooter genre?

Kid Icarus: Downfall, let's go!
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Jul 6, 2021
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Unless he is making a game for xbox, I dont see how this is news worthy. Even Spencer has Switch,
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