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SnicketySlice: Ace Combat 3 Analysis - The Ultimate Deconstruction


NeoGAFs Kent Brockman

This is an in-depth analysis of Ace Combat 3: Electrosphere and a sort of sequel to my Ace Combat 7 analysis. I'll mostly be exploring its mind-bending narrative from both the perspective of when it first released (1999) and in the context of the larger Strangereal timeline (the continuity in which most mainline Ace Combat titles take place). Aside from its heavy emphasis on player choice and branching pathways I will be discussing very little of the actual gameplay, simply because there isn't much to say; it's Ace Combat gameplay, so it's pretty good. Ace Combat 3 was released in Japan on two-discs with a massive story. Unfortunatly, all of this story was cut when it was brought over to the west the following year, and was replaced with some barebones text crawl giving you a basic plot outline.

0:00:00 - Intro
0:00:36 - What Electrosphere Did Different
0:02:37 - Establishing the Premise
0:05:12 - TV Ad #1
0:05:29 - Universal Peace Enforcement Organization
0:11:47 - Neucom Inc
0:13:29 - General Resource Ltd
0:15:19 - Ouroboros
0:17:41 - Rena Hirose
0:20:26 - The Truth of Sublimation
0:23:12 - TV Ad #2
0:23:34 - Entering Electrosphere
0:25:53 - Simon
0:27:21 - The Meta Commentary of Ace Combat 3
0:29:37 - The Ultimate Deconstruction of Strangereal
0:34:38 - Final Words
0:35:42 - End Screen


My favourite ace combat , loved the sound track to. Would be cool If they do direct sequel.
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