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So are we all agreeing that Respawn is the best developer of EA now?


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We got the first Titanfall, which was good. Not the best thing ever as some people though, but good.

We got Titanfall 2 which is really great and one of the best single player in a FPS this gen.

We got Apex Legends, which is a multiplayer focused spinoff of Titanfall, and is great.

And now we have Fallen Order which is kinda nice because, like those other games, is just a videogame. It's a simple character based progression. It's not like a masterpiece of Star Wars, but it's fine in his own regard.

EA has done some fucked up things since the PS360, and one game to really say that is worthy is this.

Also, BD-1 is cute


Apex Legends and fallen order are the only reasons I have origin on my PC right now.
Dice was another great EA dev but for now they have lost their edge. Same goes for BioWare.
Not interested at all in EA sports titles or the need for speed series.

So a clear yes from me. Let’s hope that they won’t go through the same decline as BioWare and Dice due to years of EA influence...


It's easy to become a king when you live in a dumpster. ;)

I hope that good sales of Fallen Order will lead to more SP-only, story-driven games. And who knows, maybe next ME and DA games will go back to being great non-gaas experiences as well.


> GAF all agreeing on literally anything

lol no. That shit is the worst conversation starter known to man.
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The Cockatrice

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They made decent games but never anything great or out of the ordinary. While Bioware may have fallen their output over time is far superior compared to all other EA owned devs. If we take only the last few years into consideration I guess Respawn are slowly climbing towards greatness.


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Titanfall 2 campaign was sweet but very short and piss easy on hard.
And fallen order is one of the most derivative game ever and not as polished or good as the games that he copy.

Apex was good tho.
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And they're also resurrecting Medal of Honor (in vr). Best dev that consistently delivered since its inception yes. Easily above any third party studio out there today.


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yeah I agree....

Although TF1 >>> TF2

It's good to see Respawn break out of the FPS mould and make something decent in a genre that is outside their comfort zone.


I rated Criterion pretty high until EA made them churn out a bunch of NFS garbage. DICE makes really good games too, regardless of what people think about some of their recent artistic choices.

Respawn does have a great track record, only marred by their venture into mobile. We'll see if VR MoH follows suit.
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The Shepard

Yea definitely, but ea have had a terrible gen compared to the last one. The only ea game I loved this gen is titanfall 2 and that star wars game looks very good, be playing that over the Xmas holidays.


i suppose but they still have a long way to go.

Fallen Order is cool but feels a bit rough. Lots of room for improvement.
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