So I tried streaming deathloop to my xbox one...


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And holy shit. The image was really sharp right from the get go.

Around 2 minutes into the game I had a buffer where the image got pixelated. It was in like 3 seconds and it was gone. I tried a 20 minutes stream session, and the graphics seemed pretty sharp, a lot more than on an original xbox.

Xcloud is insane. I am unsure if there's a little input latency. I guess there is since it is streamed, but I'm still surprised about how well it is.

If you have GP and can play next gen games on your current old console, pc, tablet or whatever, it really postpones the need of an upgrade fast.

Don't get me wrong, I wish I could afford a next gen console, as I will always prefer local gaming, but damn I am really surprised over xcloud.

It looks like native gaming, way better than I experienced just months ago.

Can any series x user confirm on deathloop and metal hellsinger that there's a latency difference between stream and installed?


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I no longer have an Xbox One to test, but I have found very little latency when playing games on my phone. I will say having a good wifi connection or strong 5g signal is pretty critical though. I tried playing on a hotel wifi on my last vacation and it was basically unplayable :messenger_beaming:


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I found streaming on an actual xbox to be much better than on most other devices.

Also another thing I have noticed in cloud streaming in general, the faster response time your TV has the more you can tolerate in terms of cloud lag. So if you have an older lcd, the margin for lost response time is smaller. Just something to keep in mind.


People call me crazy but for anything past gen like ps3/xbox 360 and below along with alot of indies/tell tall story games streaming might as well be native to me. Current gen titles look like shit to me cause the resolution is super low.
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