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Someone Has Collected Thousands of Copies of Sneak King for Xbox 360


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Sneak King is one of the most bizarre licensed games ever because of its premise and the time of its release. This legendary Burger King promotional game was released for the Xbox and Xbox 360 in 2006, and one fan has collected a couple thousand copies of it.

In the mid-2000s, Burger King released a series of three games that featured iconography of the popular fast-food chain. The most well-known of these games is Sneak King, where players take control of The King, Burger King's mascot, to deliver Burger King meals to hungry people in a variety of outrageous ways. Originally being developed for the Xbox Live Arcade, it was ultimately made available for purchase at Burger King restaurants for $3.99 with any value meal. Rounding out the Burger King advertising trilogy are PocketBike Racer and Big Bumpin', a pocketbike racer and bumper car game.

Nomercyvideo shared their massive collection of Sneak King on Reddit, and it has quickly gotten a lot of attention. "I have 2,706 copies of the Burger King Xbox 360 Game "Sneak King,"" nomercyvideo titles the post with images of their collection. In the first picture, viewers can see the collection in its entirety, nomercyvideo having 54 towers of Sneak King, with some quick math, there being about 50 copies per tower. The other picture gives a better sense of just how physically extensive this collection is, with it all coming almost to nomercyvideo's shoulders.

Despite the initiative by Microsoft in making the Xbox Series X/S backwards compatible with its prior systems, unfortunately, not every game released has made the cut, including Sneak King. This means the only way to play Sneak King currently is to own a copy of the game and play it on that original piece of hardware.

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I still have my copy, but how could the moderators let this happen I reported Sneak King several times for being a Burger King game.


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Should have kept quiet and hoped that by taking so many copies out of circulation the perceived rarity may have gone up one day

There are over 7000 Burger King Restaurants in the US, now just assume they all got more than one copy that they obviously would have.


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He probably paid more per unit for those games than the first entry of Madden/Fifa on the 360.


Huge red flag…. Sneak King is this modern times Catcher in the Rye.

Dudes gonna assassinate some beloved celebrity or political figure guaranteed
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Why do many copies though? Does he think they will become valuable? I don't know man, he might as well and burned $10,000. I just don't know...
I had an internet friend try something similar with 19 cent copies of Super Mario Bros./Duck Hunt from FuncoLand.

He didn't have near this many though


Let's all band together to convince him that spray painting a stencil of his YouTube channel on each one will make it a collector's item


This was the best of the 3 games released from bk and annoyingly i never got to play it as they fucking region locked it and there's no way in hell i was prepared to get a usa x360 just to play it. Always loved the slightly janky & creepy premise of the game.

Maybe he should have them all wata graded 1M sneak king incoming lol
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