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Sonic Team Boss Takashi Iizuka is Switching to New Role at Sega


NeoGAFs Kent Brockman

Sonic Team head Takashi Iizuka will become the new executive officer of Sega starting April 1 this year according to the company's investors notice. The newly elected role also grants him the title of Sonic Creative Director at Sega of America. It's unclear whether Iizuka will step down as Sonic Team head to focus on executive officer and creative director duties at Sega. However, Iizuka will continue to be an important leader for development of new Sonic titles and media going forward.

Jinzo Prime

I say this as a Sonic fan, Iizuka has been a terrible producer for the Sonic series over the years. Forces, Lost World, Boom, and Sonic 4 were all overseen by him, he owns those mistakes. It feels like he's failing upwards.


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The guy is a moron, an imbecile. Most of their Sonic failures were all his fault.
If they are willing to put this batcrazy guy on the lead the only thing I can say is good luck.
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Judging by the last decade of Sonic games, he should be moving to either tea boy or head of Diversity and Inclusion.
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