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Sony acquires 14.1% of From and Tencent also got 16.3%



Source: https://t.co/hhxNrlbOVk

Kadokawa 60.04%
Tencent 16.25%
Sony 14.09%

Surprised that Bandai didn't jump in given comments last week. It does give From a rough value of 120bn jpy.

On the last paragraph, it seems there is a bit more info

Got from IBF which got it from Era. Read into that use-case how you want but sounds like they want to have more control of their own IP.
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I do not get why you would want to have 14% of FROM… it does not protect someone like MS coming in and buying them, it does not give you much control… then again, if both Sony and Tencent did not want MS to get FROM any deal would be dead in the wasted… enemy of my enemy is my friend?


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Well atleast they've bought something of From... no where near what people were hoping but I doubt Sony would get majority if tencent is interested.


Interesting, so an other round of investements/acquisitions has happened or is happening at Sony.
Square Enix stated they're looking to sell stakes in their studios as well...and this is precisely that formula 👀
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Mind sharing what info or data points to Sony being highly likely to gain a controlling stake?
Cos they just bought 14,1%? Probably gona go further?

After elden ring huge numbers will be a good financial decision ( they already have demon souls and bloodborne before)
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Yup. I don't trust tencent or the Saudis when it comes to maintaining any integrity in our industry. I'll beat this drum to the end of days.
At least with Tencent PC ports of From games are guaranteed, they care about making the highest return and nothing else.


At least with Tencent PC ports of From games are guaranteed, they care about making the highest return and nothing else.
No offense, but what current integrity? What are they going to change? Add Chinese and Saudi flags to be bowed at? Other than that, can't really be worse tbh.
Chinese companies have been buying up US, Europe and Saudi companies for the past 40 years and haven't changed a thing for the companies.
China is about profit and nothing else. Their in-land companies are tightly monitored, cause they're running a country with 2 billion citizens. They don't want to change cultures in other countries where they buy companies or stocks in companies.
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I cry about Xbox and hate PlayStation.
- Sekiro IP
- Armored Core IP

Bandai Namco
- Elden Ring IP
- Dark Souls IP

- Bloodborne IP
- Demon’s Souls IP
- Déraciné IP
wait, i thought Activision owns Sekiro IP?
And about armored core IP..i dont know though....to me its always a niche market IP.
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Can't believe From is only worth a billion dollars. I guess it's because they barely own any IP.
Yup. Sony owns Demon's Souls and Bloodborne. I have no idea if Namco Bandai doesn't own the Elden Ring IP as well.

They are cheap like Insomniac was cheap as hell back then as well for that reason.

But Japanese companies seem to be cheaper overall, isn't Capcom and Square-Enix worth around 5b each? Look how many IPs both have...
I know if one company would acquire one of these, they would have to pay more than this, but it's still crazy to me.
BTW, didn't the Japanese government kind of frown upon foreign companies acquiring Japanese companies?
It really depends on the company. There's a three-tier system where companies are ranked regarding their importance to national security. Sony, for example, is in the third tier, which means it's basically impossible for a foreign investor to buy them. Kadokawa is in the second tier.


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