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Sony Interactive Entertainment Files Patent For PSVR 2 Input Device


I have both headsets. Quest 2 is superior to PSVR1 but not in every way.

PSVR1 was Oled, Quest 2 is LCD, so of course PSVR1 had better black levels.

It also had motors to adjust distance between eyes very precisely, unlike Quest 2 which only has big mechanical steps. Those steps are too big to adjust the distance properly in my opinion...

The third thing where PSVR1 was superior is comfort.

All the other parts, Quest 2 is superior, obviously since it released 5 years later.

Overall Quest 2 is the best device.
But PSVR do something better than Quest 2.

I understand the comparison is due the sales popularity but people needs to remember Quest 2 is a budged device and not premium... it has it own cut backs.


1 wire to ps5. Alot better than the mess of cables psvr 1 took. Not to mention the dumb camera.
PS4 was cleary not developed with VR in mind... it come in the middle.
PS5 was already set with a single USB3 Type C (20Gbps) that works in DP Alt Mode (32.8Gbps) specifically for VR.

PS4 was really a Frankenstein way.
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