Sony is having an surprise Xperia gaming event on Sept 12th.
Sony has confirmed that it will be hosting an event on 12 September. The content of the event is unknown, but it's being held in Japan and happening under the Xperia brand, so it's mobile-related.

The teaser video doesn't reveal much, apart from showing a gamer and offering up the words "made for pro gamers and streamers".

That raises more questions than it answers: linking gaming and Xperia immediately raises the question of whether Sony is preparing to revisit the PlayStation phone again. The previous iteration was the Xperia Play (launched under the Sony Ericsson brand), which featured a slide-out controller giving you off-screen controls.

That was in 2011 and before that we had the PSP Go - launched in 2009 - which aimed to replicate the PSP but on a more compact scale.

I figure it will be Sony revealing some new gaming acquisitions, and unlike the press I don't think there's going to be another PS5 Portable or Vita successor, but rather a gaming phone model that's going to compete with ROG, Razer, and Nubia with PS5 remote play and a new custom interface with PSN stuff over android. Another Xperia Play model may be possible with a built0in controller, but I think it's likely to just be a powerful gaming focused device with gaming software like the ROG phone and others, and you'll be able to use the backbone controller and other accessories they show off.

Since Sony makes their own phones, it's not a surprise they'll be using their new mobile department to no only bring games to mobile, but try and attempt to increase their handset sales which have been stagnant for awhile. Perhaps they will tie an Xperia gaming phone to phone carriers for low monthly payment, which will make gaming phones more accessible to the mainstream at the same time.

I also expect along with accessories, probably some new software that synergizes between all of Sony's Xperia phones and the PS5. Maybe a connection with Playstations PC department as well.

We already know that Sony has dedicated a new department with multiple teams for mobile, so this event will likely show us their road map and them going all in on mobile. Especially their own branded handsets.


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We wanted a September Playstation Showcase. What we got was mobile show.

And people wonder why im so bitter.
When Sony said they got lots of games in the works (I think it was 25+ game), I don’t think they ever said they’d be all AAA budget games.

You never know, most could be more sequels, remakes/remasters, VR2 and mobile games.
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Why you insist on hurting me?
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As much as I like Playstation, I'm scared of how much a Sony gaming phone would cost looking at their current cellphone offerings.

It would probably cost LESS, because they'd want to attract more people than just those who want the most shiny flagship phones. It doesn't need to be very powerful to run simple mobile games and stream PlayStation games.


Not much if anything of PlayStation, of course. This might have something to do with another PS-licensed controller accessory, or maybe they're bringing out a competitor to Red Magic 6/7 (triggers on a phone are nice, for gaming or otherwise,) but that'd be for Android games again. Even with a sister studio, I am doubtful that Sony would strike a deal to mine the PSP library again (much less the Vita library; maybe PS1 but PS2 and beyond won't happen even though powerful phones can emulate PS2 to an okay degree.)

Fuck yeah, the Xperia Play is coming back boys!

(That phone sucked, probably. Never used one in real life.)

Hey, I had one, and I wouldn't say it sucked; it was my DMV-line buddy, and it saved me quite a few times. Plus, just the slider mechanism was immensely satisfying, kind of like how fun the old flipphones were to idle with.

(It was weaker than it should have been for a "gamer phone, though. Even in its day, I could have used a little more framerate on the mainline Android games. But it's got buttons and with the mod you could load it up with other stuff. It kind of held up for a while, surprisingly, and emulates N64 and even DS games if you hack it.)

It would probably cost LESS, because they'd want to attract more people than just those who want the most shiny flagship phones.

I almost bought a Sony phone a while ago because they had the 21:9 screen phones at a comparatively low price and I'm a sucker for novelty (thus, I owned Xperia Play.) I think their phones are back into that Sony-tax range again, but it seems like Sony phones go on sale or explore a range of prices because they're far away from the success of Galaxy or Pixel or iPhone.
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So it's an event under their phone division and nothing to do with PlayStation.

For gaming, which has to do with PlayStation. As it has been since 2009 at least when involving Sony directly having events or announcement related to mobile gaming.

Don't you guys have phones?

My Sidekick can't run angry birds, it's too powerful.

As much as I like Playstation, I'm scared of how much a Sony gaming phone would cost looking at their current cellphone offerings.

There are $400 gaming phones now. Sony could go for that with mid-range specs and still have the 4K screen of their flagship. If they can get carriers with it, it's like $20 a month.


I was outside for the first 8 months of the year while Sony refused to have a show at E3 or Gamescom. It's september indeed. Time to put up or shut up.

Lol 12th is a Monday tho so can’t get too worked up. I’d like to think they’d announce after Marvel & Ubisoft for a Thursday/Friday thing.
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