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Sony says it has ‘interesting, exciting, fantastic ideas’ for future PS5 system updates


1440p and VRR support will be perfect!
I bet whatever you want it's nothing about that. The whole XMB (or whatever is named now) is the most underwhelming thing of the ps5, I really don't get where was all the revolution they talked about. Will see I guess, but for now I'm extremely pissed off how they cut off some stuff which really I loved about the PS4 OS.
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We're hyping software updates now? Really?
I asked basically the same and this was the reply: And often, improvements to the OS make the games more fun by adding new interactivity/communication features.

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1. Another vote for folders
2. Additional view options in library and store - sick of the default “fucking enormous tiles” view, honestly I can cope with more than 8 tiles being visible on a 65 inch screen! Would like additional (smaller) tile sizes and a fucking list view. Oh and more sorting and filter options
3. Ability to pin tiles on homepage
4. PS1-3 BC
5. Option to unhide hidden trophies without having to go into each one individually each time

Would also like to see Sony pushing Devs a bit harder to implement activity cards, they make such a big quality of life difference to the UX.

Not remotely bothered by …
- 1440p and VRR (don’t have a display that supports either)
- themes (like the way it’s done now and I always thought the vast majority of themes were a bit crap)
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Sharing photos to a phone app is what I want to see.
I never realized how much I would use this feature until I got it on One/Series X. I rarely use the feature on PS4.
I know it’s a pipe dream, but as much backwards compatibility as possible on previous PlayStation generations would be what I want,
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PS1 and PS2 BC when?
PS1/PS2 Classics
PS4 and PS5 have PS2 Classics on th PSN store. What they would need to do with PS2 is to release more PS2 Classic games (maybe improving its emuator to increase compatibility, but in any ways they'd need to re-license each game), to market them more and to allow you to download them for free in you insert that disc.
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If you can, I would suggest a stand alone UHD BR player from Sony. The one in the PS5 isn’t very good, and their stand alone units have Dolby Vision in them (and are great). There’s an appreciable difference in my standalone (that had Dolby Vision added via firmware update) and the PS5’s player.

But yeah, Sony is already putting this in their stand-alone players, so it makes no sense why it isn’t on the PS5 already.
I have a Panasonic UB 820...
I don't recommend Sony’s 4K BR players.

I just think PS5's player should be fully capable like the PS3 was at its time.


4)More sorting options to be able to hide or group in a specific album all the screenshots/videos captured automatically with trophies. When I cancel old captures or screenshots I always have to pay attention not to cancel the stuff associated with trophies.
5)Tell Google or who is developing the YouTube app to add HDR support ASAP.


I’m one of the few that likes my consoles UI to be barebones and streamlined. We were all complaining about how slow the PS4 OS was. The less functions the better. I just need tiles with the games I’m playing, thank you very much. The Switch got this right from the start.


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I want what they won't ever ever add:

* 8-bit + dithering instead of just 10-bit for HDR output for HDMI 2.0 users so they can get RGB/Full Range + 4K@60hz + HDR
* Forceable 1080p & 1440p@120hz support

Can you combine purchases from PSN accounts? I fucking lost access to my email from the PS3 PSN account I had so I had to make a new one for PS4. I use the PS3 for classics and MGS4 and the like but I'd like to bring them over to PS5 in the future when they do that.


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I don’t think quick resume is ever coming, unless we hear about the system using some form of virtualization.


I hope that a quick resume-like feature will be one of those. I just received a PS5 two days ago, and my kid took over the console for the whole day playing Astro LoL. I only managed to snug a couple sessions to try some games.

I had to stop the game that I was playing many times, because she wanted to play Astro. If only those games can be save state in the SSD, like the XBOX.
They need to give us some option to get screenshots from console fast. Making photos of tv screen because it's easier to paste them to discord that way is ridiculus.
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