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Sony sucks at porting games to PC

Nah not really. I just think that if you're spending $500+ on a GPU in 2023, you should be getting more than 8GB of VRAM.
Member when the 1070 had 8GB of VRAM in 2016 at $380, and the RX480 had 8GB of VRAM at $240?

A lot of these "Bad port" memes are coming from people coping about having overpaid for GPU's with less VRAM than they should have at a given price point. Especially those who bought scalped 3070s.
Turn down the texture resolution, and everything will be fine.


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Sorry I kinda switch off when I hear "it has frame drops @120fps"
you're already pushing it beyond it's fidelity, resolution, quality of graphic effects etc then it was on console and you're tripling or doubling it's framerates and moaning about dips 🙄
If you're getting 4k60fps on graphical quality settings higher then the original....
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