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Sony's plan to compete with Xbox: Stay the course


It would be interesting to see how Sony exclusives stack up to OG Halo and Gears of War numbers. The gaming market was even smaller back then.
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it's not but they need to follow Ms steps if they don't wanna remain behind ...in fact Jimbo just announced they becoming a multiplatform Company as Ms......soon they will release Spartacus a service we can bet...with ..imagine imagine......day one releases of their first party
I'm just having some fun dude, playstation is my favourite system. If they drop out i would probably quit gaming because a future of ass blizzard/activision, bethesda and forza and 343i Halo doesn't appeal to me


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Well, I don’t think Sony have stayed the course at all and based on the recent news they are pivoting as fast as possible.

This is not what staying the course is, prepare for a lot of change from Sony and I think overall it will be better for it.

Microsofts stumbles with the Xbox one and promoting Phil with his vision allowed microsoft to realise this so much sooner than they probably would have. Gaming needs to be as accessible as possible and let people play where they want. You will ultimately be more successful and make more money.
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Lies about why mods reply ban and warn me.
EA has sport games but anyone can make better sport games with better pricing.

Ubisoft has some legendary IPs but the company turned into trash and all their talented people are gone

In the end the one who will get the Japanese publishers will be the real winner, maybe Rockstar too


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Ps+ getting heavy hitters each month seemingly. Competition is good as usual.

Once you’ve been in the system long enough you build up a huge library too. Got about 250 games from ps+ and a backing longer than my Schlong.

Not every month on PS+ is heavy hitters, some good months but some very poor months also.

things like God of war or Gran Turismo never going on there, if i remember right i did get uncharted on there at some point though


Stay the course turned into

car chase GIF by Mayans M.C.


Well this aged like milk.

Their strategy was clearly "let's wait and see what Microsoft do and copy it 6 years later".

Total lack of vision, leadership and innovation from the "market leader".

Their strat is the same as Nintendo's make games people want to buy a box for, and put them on PC for second chance at sales. Looking at God of war beating the newest Monster hunter game for 3rd week in a row I say its working. Looking at their Lineup for 2022 knowing some of it was overflow from Covid 2021, shows they know content is king.

So take that for what it is. They still are outselling Xbox by over 5 million. Maybe the gap gets shorter in 2022? Maybe they allocated hardware knowing most of their fall slate of 2021 was slipping into 2022?

I mean we wont know until we get NPD for Feb-March to be honest to have an idea.
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Sony don’t need to compete with Xbox... all I hear is gamepass waffle from Microsoft. Where’s the fuckin exclusives?

in development right now. i'm saying this as someone who only has a ps5. look at the list of studios and ips microsoft now owns then compare them to the studios sony owns. sony is completly getting steamrolled ~3 years from now by the amount and type of games the microsoft game studios are going to pumps out. they will beat sony at their own game (prestige SP games) while sony now wants to make 10 live service fortnite games.
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Pivoting to GaaS and giving their single player / multiplayer fearing userbase is definitely not staying the course.

It's adapting to the times and making their console more appealing. I love it.


Maybe Microsoft should of stuck with 5 developers seeing how an extra 15 dont matter🤭
Or Maybe they should just buy more.

But of course if they do and remove them from PlayStation like you think they will, then 30-50% of that revenue is already gone.
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