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Soulframe - Reveal Trailer


What time is it?
by having assets that look like a child made them for a school project and having controls and physics that feel like a Unity Engine tutorial template :pie_roffles:

Far too generous. It feels like a game built inside a game engine that someone built in Roblox.



Warframe 100% has you controlling a bird themed robot riding a skateboard. If you think otherwise, you just don't understand how digital extremes work.


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Game Director: "Hey let's make a 'soulslike' within our universe!"
Team Lead: "Sure, what should we call it?"
Game Director: "Hmm. Not sure yet. Let's just codename it 'Soulframe' for now, but figure out something better later."
(Game Director leaves the chat)
Team Lead: "So everyone good with Soulframe?"


It looks interesting enough and I do like Digital Extremes overall art style/direction but if this just ends being a 1-1 analogue for Warframe in a fantasy setting then its going to be wasted potential.
Warframe just doesn't have enough meaningful content to actually do, the newer quests are great but they come once every six months or so for barely 2-3 hours of gameplay, it just isn't enough at all.
Im sorry but there is nothing worth grinding for in Warframe, no end game content to speak of, so the actual gameplay reveal of Soulframe needs to really deliver.
Looks interesting. I really hope they took all of the Warframe UI criticisms to heart because all I want from this game is a normal menu system and normal upgrade system.
the same dogshit gameplay & A.I u are used to...with no loot...and just crafting and spending money on ugly ass frames...but now wrapped in an elden ring coating


Yeah that’s what I got from the interview, what Warframe did with scifi Soulframe will do with fantasy, and heavy melee combat.
Didnt they mention it having a much greater focus on exploration and discovery as well?
I feel it will be more similar to Black Desert somehow, big seamless open world, I just hope they nail the gameplay loop and ensuring Soulframes have Mama Saryn and Wisp Booty aesthetics


Anyone expecting this to be like Warframe keep your expectations in check, cause the devs are clearly saying this is gonna be a lot heavier and a lot slower than that.


Ghost of tsushima + elden ring
Free to play is the only negative for me. But if it has a robust story why not
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