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Spending on games and game hardware: Are you a conservative or liberal spender?

What are your spending tendencies for gaming?

  • Slightly liberal spender

    Votes: 29 18.5%
  • Slightly conservative spender

    Votes: 46 29.3%
  • Very liberal spender

    Votes: 27 17.2%
  • Very conservative spender

    Votes: 49 31.2%
  • I never spend money on games, I just come here to shitpost and discuss

    Votes: 6 3.8%

  • Total voters


Members of neogaf, what would you say is your tendency when it comes to gaming and gaming-related spending?

Do you wait for sales or buy everything the second you can?
Do you collect limited edition items or are you confused by the practice?
Do you ever consider the price-value interplay of buying hardware or do you just impulse buy based on past generations?

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fyi that 5th joke option is secretly
Ultra conservative since the only thing you spend in gaming is your time online
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I guess slightly conservative. I usually only buy a couple of games a month. It helps I primarily play jrpgs which can take up to 100 hours to beat.


I buy whatever I want to play.

I may be more likely to buy a game I'm on the fence about if it's on a deep sale, but otherwise I have no problems spending ~$70 on a game I want.

Comparatively gaming is a cheap hobby.
The games I play are either only rented via Plus or bought rather late in their lifecycle for cheap. Consoles often also only after first price cut and PC parts so far never the top most expensive option.

Thanks for beta-testing to the fomo folks.

Mr Reasonable

Completely Unreasonable
Some games I'll jump on even if I don't have time for them, and other games I'll mentally add to a list that I can wait until they're cheaper, often this means my enthusiasm disappears before the price I'm prepared to pay is reached, as with the Callisto Protocol. I didn't want to pay full price for it at launch and which I doubt I'll ever play now.

Other times, I'll pick up games because there's a sale and something I didn't really care much about is heavily discounted, I would probably buy more games on this basis if sales were smaller - I can't be bothered to scroll through giant lists of on sale software for bargains.

At the moment, there are few games on the horizon I'll be buying at launch. TOTK for sure, and I would pick up Starfield if it wasn't on Gamepass and reviewed well.


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Somewhere in-between maybe. On one hand I don’t just buy everything I find interesting without a second thought, on the other hand if there’s a game/system/peripheral I know for sure I want I’ll just go out and get it.
I usually buy 3-4 games a year at full price Day 1. Most games not worth 70$ on launch tho. Well reviewed games with 30+hrs of content is a general rule of thumb to make 70$ purchase worth it for me

This year is absurd tho. Dead Space, Jedi Survivor, Re4, Zelda, Diablo 4, FF16, Spider-Man 2 are easy buys day 1

Armor Core and Starfield could also be buys too. If Starfield is getting amazing reviews I'll end up buying a Series S to play it. Cuz Microsoft is at least trying to put out games this generation
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Depends really, i can argue for days about a 10 buck game if its worth it, then i can buy 700 euro's worth of games and consoles the next day.

I spend a shit ton in mmo's like guild wars 2, yet can argue if i want to buy some 20 euro heavily discounted game.


I’m conservative most of the time, but have bursts of spending more freely. I try to wait for things to go on sale and love a good deal on one of those GOTY editions with all the DLC. That said, sometimes I lose my mind and buy 2-3 full price new games in a month.

I can afford basically anything I want, it’s more about how much time I have to actually enjoy all of it.
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Conservative. I look for good deals. That's why I maximize MS Rewards as much as I can and subscribe to Game Fly. Only game I have actually purchased this year is Hogwart's Legacy on PC.


I buy what I want
I buy whatever I want to play.
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I understand what you mean. The statement was just funny to read on its own


Have become so much more conservative than my spending as I get older.. not only because I need to save money but because I'm getting pickier about games.. very few catch my eye these days
I am starting to get more Conservative, but that is mainly due to a lack of time and that games are launched these days in such a bad state that by the time I wait for a game to get patched it is normally not full price.


I always wait for sale and rarely buy stuff at release or at full price. Only do if its something i really, really want to play right away. The only game i did that recently for is Baldurs Gate 3, and in part i only did that because i found a group of people to play it with. I also sometimes might buy full price if i think what they're asking is already fairly low.

However, i have the tendency to grow my backlog, thats especially the case recently as my country saw an increase of regional prices so i'm leaning towards buying stuff before they increase. I already regret not buying certain games sooner.

Hardware is on a need-to basis, or if the opportunity and circunstances are really good.
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If they are cult games, rare or for an unconventional audience, I pre-order or buy them quickly, before they are hard to find.

If they are popular or widely marketed like Resident Evil, Final Fantasy, Metal Gear, etc... I hope they drop a lot in price.

My limit is to spend up to $100 or $200 a month... But I save 80% of my salary monthly.


Very conservative simply due to not having much time for gaming.
I only buy the absolute heavy hitters and never spend a dime on any Mtx.
If I break 200 per year for games that's already a lot. Incredibly cheap compared to my other hobbies.
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First and foremost I'm a man bitch. Or is it I'm a man, bitch!

LGTBBQ Chicken from KFC.

I spend like a person with kids and pretty much a family man life (and my bark is much worse than my bite).

I don't club, or bar hop, I spend time with the family.

As a result I have OLED TV's, high end PC, high end surround with 3 SVS subs LET US PRAY, and all the little toys and gimmicks that my kids have fun with.

I need coffee.


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Fairly conservative. I don't buy many games and when I do I usually wait until they're worth it. Really only buy a couple at launch in a year these days. I use subscription services like GameFly, PS+ Extra and Game Pass for most of my gaming. I don't really pay for Game Pass. It's simple enough to get GPU for free with MS rewards right now.


I spend willy nilly. I'll buy the ultimate version of a game for like £89.99 and play it a few times, realise it's not for me and uninstall it never to touch it again.

The amount I've wasted on games over the years doesn't bear calculation. But oh well you can't take it with you and it's my only hobby.

hemo memo

conservative on other consoles but I would consider myself a liberal on Switch but only because I put games on a discount list and buy them at their 30%+ discounts.
I hardly get caught by surprise by any new launch because I follow the industry, so most things I buy were already planned on my budget. Now for things I'm hyped up about, I buy it day-1. No pre-orders from me even for the most hyped up stuff. Deluxe editions and whatnot are bought on rare occasions only if there is meaningful content packed up with those. As I buy most things I know I'll enjoy, if there's eventually DLC for it then I'll probably get it.

I can't remember the last time I had buyer's remorse aside from getting Horizon: Forbidden West because it already made its way to the PS Collection. Maybe Sony did that to gain a few more Burning Shores sales from that strategy.

Games that I'll be playing day-1 in the near future are Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, Street Fighter 6 (the latest demo left a sour taste in my mouth so I'll be waiting for post launch reviews), Final Fantasy XVI, Tekken 8 (always enjoyed more Tekken than SF, so this is a certain acquisition), Elden Ring DLC, RE4 Remake DLC if launches this year, Granblue Fantasy Relink whenever (if) it launches this year.
I'm finding it really hard to place myself, but I'd probably go with slightly liberal spender overall. Gaming is my primary hobby and I have disposable income to support it, and I am somewhat of a collector now (for the Switch, at least). I like physical copies, but if there's a cheap digital version I have no problems dropping a few bucks for the convenience.

I usually don't buy games or consoles at full price or around launch. If it's a game I'm really anticipating, or if it's a multiplayer game that I want to experience when everyone else is playing I'll make an exception. Mostly Nintendo games don't change in price substantially so if it's a big new release I am there. Otherwise I wait for deals, because I have an enormous backlog. So being frugal with new releases allows me to pick up pretty much whatever cheaper games I want at close to the lowest price they will ever be available at.

The Switch and PS4/PS5 have made me splurge more, as I'm going all in on those platforms. I've been spending a lot more (especially on hardware) than in the past, even when they aren't necessary. I've been signing up for the subscriptions NSO and PS+ but even then I usually wait for some kind of discount and then stack up. Tears of the Kingdom I preordered and locked in at $60. But despite me being such a huge fan, I'm waiting for a lower price/DLC edition for RE4R.


I guess slightly liberal? because I’m a sucker for sales

I should be slightly conservative though but my ADHD and impulse spending habits are things I’m trying to work on 😅


I used to be a liberal spender and bought a lot of games at launch. Out of principle, the price change for new releases to $70 made me become more judgmental about what I expect from the games I buy, so now, for many games that I previously would have bought on launch day, I wait until they are at an arbitrary price point that I feel comfortable buying them at.


There are certain games I go day one, like R4R and DI2 recently. But as I grow older, I am more patient and often wait for a discount, especially since games are usually fucking broken at launche.
Just like in the "P" word, when I was younger I was liberal with my spending, but now that I'm older I've become considerably more conservative.

I always buy the hardware I like, but the games? I wait for a sale most of the time. Still purchase a few day one games though, but with subscriptions, that would be a waste of money.


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I used to buy everything and anything when I was younger. Now that I’m older I simply have less time so buy less and I’m picky about waiting for sales. It’s ironic as I used to have way less money but spent more, now I have way more money and I buy way less


I play what's on game pass I rarely buy games. I maybe buy 2 or 3 full priced games a year max. Next game I buy is Diablo 4.
I don't buy a lot of games on launch, but when they hit my impulse range of 10-20 USD I'll pick up quite a lot. But there are some games I'll get full price launch, like Zelda, etc. Or if I think they have a relatively small print and I want to go ahead and get a physical edition. When it comes to digital, my impulse range is much lower (1-10USD). I don't own a lot of digital items though.

I do own quite a few different collectors editions over the decades - sometimes I'm taken with them and others not, usually I have to really like the game or the items being sold/packaged with it.


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Consoles - I'll get it right away at full price. But also trade in/sell my current system to cover some of it. Every new console I've got ranged from launch day to one year out. I've never been one of those year 4 gamers buying the slim model at half price. I always have 2 gamepads too. And always get one of those Xbox plug n charge kits

Games - GP all the way. But sometimes buy games too not on the plan. Been doing Xbox Gold before that since 2005 or 2006. Also do home sharing with a buddy so all digital game costs are cut in half. I never buy mtx

So overall slightly conservative I think.
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Members of neogaf, what would you say is your tendency when it comes to gaming and gaming-related spending?

Do you wait for sales or buy everything the second you can?
Do you collect limited edition items or are you confused by the practice?
Do you ever consider the price-value interplay of buying hardware or do you just impulse buy based on past generations?

Share some cool stories while you're here too
I bought maybe 3 full games in the past year:

Diablo 4 PS5
Mario Kart but that came with Switch
Great Detective Ace Attorney

As I get older I understand that keeping a backlog is pointless. I also have way less time to game. So now all hardware purchases are mostly: 'if one day I want to play exclusive X, I can".


Very liberal spender. My motto is: "Get it all while you can and play it all when you retire."



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As a european I'm really confused what to answer about liberalism or conservative.

Is lib big spender and conservative less spender?

Used GP the last year, bought civ 6 recently for cheap, pay for wow and that's more or less it.

Recently I cam down in the emulator mode, getting all psx games and other classics and don't think I ever come back to modern gaming again lol.
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I typically only pay full price for physical Switch games because I can resell them. Everything else waits for a $25 or less sale.


I've spent thousands on gaming hardware. I'm not the kind of person who drops few hundred on a console every 6-7 years. I will spend thousands every 3-4 years on upgrading my gaming hardware as I want only the best experience when it comes to playing games.
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With software I'm more conservative.
I rarely buy games at launch these days because inflation has made them expensive as fuck and it honestly doesn't make sense (outside of supporting a dev/franchise you like) since games are one of the few products which are usually both cheaper AND better after a few months.

With hardware I'm slightly less conservative. Still won't go out there and spend thousands on every new piece of hardware but I did get myself a nice TV primarily for gaming and I did get a Ps5 even though these past few years it has primarily just been a device to play Ps4 games with better graphics/performance.
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