SSX: What happened to this franchise?

So I'm sitting here watching my non gamer fiance become absolutely addicted to SSX 2012 and I'm wondering where this franchise went and why we haven't gotten a sequel in nearly 10 years.

Have we gotten any snowboarding games lately?

I downloaded SSX 3 on my Series X to replay it for the $ holds up surprisingly well for an OG Xbox game., I've unlocked everything to peak 3 and man I miss this franchise so much. SSX 3 to me is the superior game no doubt, but where did they go wrong or did SSX 2012 do that poorly in sales? I think it's a fun game too but with some flaws. I've been playing both games simultaneously and I have some thoughts on them:

-SSX 2012 has a way more noob friendly control layout and trick system in general, it's not as rewarding
-The SSX 2020 tracks are not as interesting, they feel all like giant cliffs with no character
-My fiance only plays the SSX 2012 tracks where you can't die due to cliffs, which are extremely unfair and poorly implemented
-SSX 3 only makes me frustrated with 2 things: the boost button being mapped to "x" as well as grabs, causing you to do a grab before landing when intending to boost, and you crash. The 2nd thing is the rails, they are unforgiving in a lot of ways and were improved upon in SSX 2012. But in 2012 they are almost too noob friendly, they went insanely casual with 2012 but then made the difficulty spike to insane unforgivable levels. SSX 2012 is just a poorly made game in so many ways, but so much easier for my fiance to pick up.

What do you guys think? Merry Christmas everyone!


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Yeah it’s similar to skateboard games a thing of the past. loved the SSX games including SSX On Tour but that’s where it ended and stopped selling. Sad


It’s just not popular right now, you just don’t hear a lot about people going snowboarding anymore. The generation that did that probably went on to have kids an got busy. I’m sure it will come back.


SSX 3 was one of my all-time most-played ps2 games. I can't even remember how many times I ran from the top of the mountain to the bottom doing one long trick chain.


I still play the psp version. Underrated franchise. They sorta messed up the last one though. Can’t remember what it was called. Sort of related. It’s clear some people in insomniac were inspired by ssx. The air stunts you can pull in the Myles Morales game feels a lot like SSX.
Lifetime skiier here.

I've noticed a slight to moderate decline in snowboarding throughout the years.

If you're getting into Mt sports, choose skiing. Snowboarding is more of a hassle that you aren't going to want to deal with sometime in your 30s.
Broke my elbow maybe 10 years ago snowboarding. Haven't been back since. If I ever go back I'll be learning how to ski.
I was playing Tricky a few months back and the game is still ridiculously fun.

A remaster with SSX 1-3 would be awesome. I figure the soundtrack would probably have to be changed due to licensing and whatnot, but c'mon EA. Give SSX the Command and Conquer treatment.
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I remember playing the first SSX when PS2 was released. It was like another, is this real? The music, the sense of speed, the graphics, damn! It still holds up today in my opinion.

And then Tricky came out and was even more amazing. And same with SSX 3. Just flat out beautiful, to this day.

I didn't play much of tour and need to get on that. Same with blur. I want to try it out eventually.

SSx (2012) was different. But still extremely fun! Getting ridiculous trick combos was something else and I loved the endurance runs. I still play it to this day.

Honestly, I would wish them to make a new one. But would be really happy with a remaster or remake of the original trilogy, with online. My memories will always stay when I played these games and how much I enjoyed them.


I actually got into snowboarding after having played the SSX games. I figured it would be something that I'd enjoy. Been going to France most years now, and aint to shabby at it :)


I miss this franchise so much. I got the original at launch with my PS2 and loved it (extra long load times and all)! Tricky is still my fav and 3 is a classic as well! Love playing it on my series x now too.
EA Big also made a brilliant basketball series called NBA Street that I loved as well. Fuck I loved the era of the PS2. Sony, re-release these fucking games!!!
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EA happened.
SSX3 was the ultimate standard of a fun arcade game. The gameplay was whack, soundtrack was godlike and the mountain and tracks where top tier.
On tour was fun as well at the time.

So of course I was very hyped in 2012 but was already sceptical after the reveal trailer.
Ik general it was a great snowboarding game but it was a bad ssx game. Boring soundtrack, the absence of the overall goofyness, and the difficulty of the tracks was more cheap than difficult. Absence of split screen multiplayer was a fail. And sales confirmed this. So I doubt there will ever be another ssx. There will be snowboard games no doubt but not like ssx.
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I love this series so much and I'm really, really sad that it doesn't exist anymore.
I often replay SSX 3, and I would even be super happy with a simple port / remaster of SSX 3 on pc with online play, I think that could keep me busy kind of forever, like how I've been playing Thug Pro (tony hawk online mod on pc) almost daily for years.

I also never understood why SSX 2012 was hated so much, I really really loved it. It's so over the top, so fast paced and crazy, it just feels extremely satisfying to play, especially with how you can switch between snowboard and wingsuit mid-air to really do crazy air stuff. I recently played it again a bit on Xenia (xbox 360 emulator) and it's still amazing.
People complained about the survival tracks etc, but honestly these are really just some kind of "boss" levels in the campaign to end mountains, you can still do regular races / trick attack etc like in the previous games.

I really think they did something great with SSX 2012, and everyone hated it, so players / critics are also part of responsible for why the series is gone I think.

I would really love a comeback of games like this, tony hawk / ssx, super fast paced crazy over the top scoring games. It's my favorite genre, and for me it's a similar feeling to playing something like Bayonetta and pulling off crazy combos, there's something really satisfying about it.
Glad to see snowboarding disappearing wasn't just my imagination.

Sorry SSX. Might be cool to have more, but it seems like a lot of work to make levels that whizz by and get boring fast. You are picking premade paths, rather than deciding where to go in Tony Hawk.


Some of those EA Big games were fun, I liked that basketball game too.
SSX Tricky and 3 are fantastic games!

The last SSX was so bad, full of gimmicks etc ...


I love this series, probably among my all time favorite games in general and wish we would get another one in the series, but more goofy party and fireworks fun than 2012.


EA happened.

First post wins again.

Some of those EA Big games were fun, I liked that basketball game too.
SSX Tricky and 3 are fantastic games!

The last SSX was so bad, full of gimmicks etc ...

I disagree, I loved the last SSX. It doesn't touch the original games, but I loved the gameplay in the last gen version.

I do hope they make another one for the new generation.
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Ssx Tricky was the best of the series. I enjoyed 3 with the free roaming.
The Wii SSX was awful. I hated that waggle nonsense.
The final version which is on ea play and gamepass got away from awesome trick coursework and into making it dangerous. They forgot what the franchise was. It was an ok game, just no magic sauce that kept it fun.

Great Hair

There was an SSX in 2012? or was that a typo (2002)?

SEGA is dead. The Arcade, quirky games have lost their appeal ... everyone now wants to shoot each other in the face for fake karma points and teabagging rights.
You should ask where the heck is Amped instead, and why it isn't available through BC. Loved this series a lot mode
My man. I actually would like to let you know that there are two Xbox emulators showing much promise and one of them even has Amped in a playable state with almost perfect graphics. I just played it yesterday. Check out CxBx-Reloaded if you're interested in playing those lovely games on a PC today. Hopefully it's not too much longer before the final graphics kinks can get worked out.


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Imagine an SSX + Tricky + 3 remake collection with the same quality as THPS1+2... But EA sucks and won't do that.

At least there's Riders Republic coming. Seems like it will be a bit closer to SSX craziness than Steep (which I loved).


Imagine an SSX + Tricky + 3 remake collection with the same quality as THPS1+2... But EA sucks and won't do that.

At least there's Riders Republic coming. Seems like it will be a bit closer to SSX craziness than Steep (which I loved).

THIS, that's what EA should do to test the waters of SSX: at least makes an easy but well made remake of the SSXs and see what's the response.




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For some reason when we finally got a re-boot, the graphics were moody rather than arcade style and the tracks were far less fun to play.

First game I played on series x was SSX 3 using the original xbox disk and it really is amazing how great the game looks now with HDR at 4k. Still the best SSX/snowboarding game IMHO.

If only they could also implement some sort of online mode and re release it on gamepass the player numbers would convince EA to try again.
I can tell you what happened with SSX (2012). It shipped without multiplayer of any kind, online or split screen. The best they had was a leaderboard for your scores and times. They eventually added online only multiplayer against random people, but that took about a year to happen. Still no way to reliably play with your friend though.

The new gear system also had bugs that trivialized the game. For instance, the wingsuit gear had a mechanic where you could lose altitude to gain speed, but you didn't need to do much to trigger that effect, and top speed on a good wingsuit was higher than top level boards boosting. So people would equip a wingsuit, find a jump, then just fly to the end at mach 5. Absolutely killed the leaderboards for races almost immediately, which again was the only multiplayer component for a year.

The game also had a rotating shop that would change every day with gear that had randomly generated stats. So if you wanted that Moby board you liked with good stats for racing, but you didn't have the SSX fun bucks, you'd either have to buy in game currency or let it slip into the ether forever.

So the game lacked features fans had come to expect, the new features were buggy and ruined the few multiplayer components the game did have, and there were aggressive microtransactions focused around gear that effected gameplay. Just all in all a terrible showing from EA.


Steep is great fun doing the really hard runs in a pass the controller way since its massive trial and error, but I was super disappointed overall with it, it had no glue to hold everything together so I felt no drive to beat anything, it didn't even make a big deal when you got a gold on a race, it was like they only asked real snowboarderers/skiiers/etc who only play games for 30 mins at a time to weigh in on the game rather than people who play games regularly and understand what a gameplay loop is.


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Tricky, 3 and SSX are some of my most played games ever. SSX reboot was not perfect by any means but they were really onto something with the core racing and tricks. The deadly decent aspect was the worst part of the game and they course corrected with the DLC and made some of the best SSX content by far.


Whoever said earlier that your body just starts saying “no” to snowboarding in your 30s is correct. I’m 39 and my body starts to ache just thinking about heading to the slopes for snowboarding.

I loved SSX and it still holds up on gamepass on my XsX. Would love a current gen high res, high FPS version.
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