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Star Trek Pike and Spock Series "Strange New Worlds" Announced



The streamer has handed out a straight-to-series order for Star Trek: Discovery spinoff Star Trek: Strange New Worlds. The drama will see Anson Mount, Ethan Peck and Rebecca Romijn reprise their respective Discovery roles as Capt. Christopher Pike, Spock and Number One as the series explores the years the former manned the helm of the Enterprise. The show follows the trio in the decade before Capt. Kirk boarded the Enterprise as they explore new worlds around the galaxy.

Pike was the best thing about Discovery, so this is something people were almost demanding. Anson Mount is the best Pike, especially after JJ Abrams just turned him into the expendable Obi-Wan mentor in the Abramsverse movies.


Well... I know what a certain group youtubers will think of this.





Watched the first season of Discovery didn't like it, nothing about it felt like star trek.

Watched the first episode of Picard, seemed cheaply made and I was bored, never watched the rest.

No interest in watching this unless I hear overwhelming good reviews but if Alex Kurtman is involved, I have my doubts.
Yeah, Kurtzman is shit.
But everything I have seen so far of the old enterprise crew in dscS2 was done well, so I have high hopes for this.

Anson Mount was amazing, so was Rebecca Romjin, and I hope Hipster Spock is not as shitty as he was in Discovery.


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Nice they now grinding star trek to dust.

How did the orville fair did it got cancelled>?

What they should do is make like a evil version of star trek with being the complete opposite of what it is now.
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This is like Star Wars in that it keeps getting worse, yet we keep getting more of it. Lol.

At least some people talked about Pike being cool, so there’s a spark of hope. I have not been, and will not be interested though, until one of these shows manages a single season without preaching, with quality, and the right tone.

...I don’t think that’s going to happen, and with so many shows, I’m concerned the ground is getting salted worse than ever before for a proper revival.


I probably wouldn't be so irrationally upset about this if it were pre-Pike April in command. At least that's a character that has only been seen in the cartoon and there's a decent amount of territory they could cover without conflicting with canon for characters like Spock.
Well, at least we'll get a whole new wave of watching people die inside while they suffer through more rape of their childhoods.



I mean, Anson Mount is the absolute best thing to come out of STDisease, but these talentless nihilists couldn't deliver a series based on the greatest captain in the franchise with the man himself. I'm out of hope to hold on to.


Never watched Discovery, but I liked Picard. What's wrong with it?

It's basically the TNG movies but even more action schlock. The series throws a lot of TNG nostalgia at us but it never coalesces into anything that resembles the TV Trek that folks really wanted. It's just a generic space adventure with some TNG paint on it. It's unfortunate because it has some ideas that could be explored but none of it is given the time or development in the show. Those are the key aspect of sci-fi and particularly Trek so the show failing to present us a question, show sides, and let us think about it ourselves is a huge disappointment.

I did enjoy some of the nostalgia and bits and pieces of it myself but it definitely lacked the Trek soul.
* Picard is a bumbling old idiot most of the time and
ends up being dead but then getting replicated as an Android. Fuck them.
* only wymenz strong
* whole Borg cube subplot is completely redundant and is only there for "LOOK, WE HAVE BORG!!" effect.
* massive violence that really shouldn't be in a Star Trek show.
* the first three to four episodes are slow as molasses.
* Riker being commander of the fleet for the lulz and effect
* With Starfleet simply leaving the android planet at the end after that stand off, the Romulans could have just jumped back and killed that tiny android village with one photon torpedo easily.
* Generally the old TNG characters act and behave very different from their series equivalents.

And and and.
This series is just incredibly stupid.
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I really enjoyed the Discovery cast, all except that horrible Michael Burnam character. When the main character is the worst character, you've got problems.

Not having her in it alone, will make this better. Plus, Pike was great in Discovery.


Had zero interest in Discovery as it felt nothing like star trek.

Watched the first few episodes of Picard. But stopped not long after the
incident. (Seriously CBS....). As by that point it had already nuked the fridge for me. And the entire thing felt WAY to cynical and angsty to be even remotely enjoyable. You just ended up hating every character.

Hopefully this will be better. At least Pike could potentially be interesting, and i hope that also means we get more of Pilot esque younger and "snarky" Spock like he was portrayed back then.
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