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Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Confirmed for PlayStation 5 and Xbox X|S This Summer (Free Upgrade)


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Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

  • Coming this summer, we’re excited to announce the next-gen release of Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, bringing a number of technical improvements to the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S console versions of the game. This will be a free cross-generation upgrade to current owners. More details will come soon.
  • Get up to 70% off the Standard and Deluxe Editions! Offer valid April 28 – May 12 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Origin, and Steam!

Finished it on the Xbox One X. Was playing through it on the PS5 but I'll wait to finish/Plat it until the PS5 update now.


That's strange since they already gave the XSX version some enhancements without doing a full next-gen port, but I'm not complaining! Looking forward to replaying it.

They already have some higher end stuff from the PC they can port in, and they may be working on the engine already for a sequel.
Free upgrade? Hell yeah. This is probably the best Star Wars product in decades. Really a dream come true.

I enjoyed it on PS4 Pro and am looking forward to a next gen replay. Will probably try the tougher difficulties this time around.


Also haven't played it yet... bought it but decided to wait. Was happy to see previous upgrades for XSX, now i'm REALLY glad i still haven't played it haha


I'm not a Star Wars fan nor do I know anything about it but was curious about this game since it had a somewhat positive reaction when it came out.


I was in the middle of the game since it came to Gamepass, but I'll stop playing it for now until this patch hits. I played it originally on PS4 Pro and had a bad time with slowdown and the jet engine fan really did sap some of the fun by detracting from aural ergonomics. I was already having a great time on Series X with the better frame rate, it's exciting to see how this will turn out. Fighting in the game was even better with a more steady framerate, some of the boss fights that sucked on PS4 Pro, were easier without drops.


Oh yeah, totally, I meant moreso that it was strange that they bothered giving some enhancements to the XSX version a few months back if this was in the works.
That was kinda weird. It might have just been then wanting to know how much they could do in the BC mode, and if a dedicated update would be worthwhile.

Now if they'd just update apex....


Can he swing from a thread? Take a look overhead / Hey, there, there goes the Spider-Man
always nice to see free upgrades


Wanted to love it, but the backtracking is simply shit. Easily got over half way through, but packed it in. Shame as well as it nailed certain aspects, hopefully the sequel is much better.
Literally just played this on PC for 5$ with EA access. For sure worth that price. 1440p ultra at 120fps was glorious. Really loved pretty much every moment of this game. Hopefully they put a 120fps option in. Made the combat feel great.


I'm loving this week. Literally just started (last night) my first playthrough of Spiderman as I decided to wait for a next gen version. And now I see my bet paid off for Fallen Order, which we already have at home, but I did not play in hopes for a next gen version.


Can’t argue with that. Happy days! I did buy it when it was on sale, but haven’t got around to playing it yet due to monstrous backlog.
I enjoyed it. Definitely worth finishing, and not spoiling yourself on any surprises in the story.

With ongoing support like this, I bet they're working on a sequel.


Currently playing the game on PC but I wanted to chime in and say that everything about the game feels top notch and consistent even 7 hours into my experience. Still getting surprised by every vista the graphics during the entire playthrough
How does it look and play on the PC? Is it that much better than the PS4 version?
Haven't played the PS4 version, but it runs smooth as shit on PC last time I played it maxed out at 3440x1440. Averaging around 100fps if memory serves me right.

End of the day, a free upgrade is free. Can't beat the price. Especially with how cheap the game can be bought for these days. I think I payed $15 for it a little while ago.


I wish they would improve streaming issues, even messing around with the engine unlocker to give it infinite cache + vram it doesn't fix the stutter issues. Not gonna get my hopes up though, but I do love the game.


Already finished it once it got a locked 60 on ps5. Unlikely to revisit but great news for those that do or for new players.


I almost replayed it when the 60fps update come out. I'm happy I waited. Looking forward to see what that proper next gen update adds.


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Me... Shite... Already got the platinum for it. Great game but I have no motivation to play it again, no matter the improvements.

Would have waited if I'd known. -.-
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