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Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order sequel is rumoured to be next gen only


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According to video game journalist and reliable insider, Jeff Grubb, the highly anticipated sequel to Jedi: Fallen Order will only be arriving on current console generation hardware – PlayStation 5 and XBox Series X/S along with PC. This means that the title will not be released on last gen hardware.

Elsewhere in the video, Grubb reiterates that he believes the sequel will be shown at Star Wars Celebration, which is what I reported back in January and have heard consistently ever since. However at this time a panel for Fallen Order or for any video game has not officially been announced for the upcoming event.


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Anyone was expecting anything else? I mean the PS5 and Xbox Series have been released for a year and a half, and Fallen Order II is probably 2023 at the earliest so... yeah I hope they drop the PS4 and One!


EA doesn't really have that much hold on Respawn do they. Nice.

Maybe they should go little darker this time with map design like Starwars tech dome complex kind of fashion. Like Jedi Outcast 2.
I have high hopes.
Good. The first one ran like ass on base PS4/Xbone. Didn’t bother playing it until I got the Series X anyways. Same with Control. Do people really wanna play slideshows at sub-1080p? I can see maybe trying to get a bit more mileage out of a One X or PS4Pro, but the 2013 models need to be Old Yellered this point.


I should fucking well hope so!
The endless stream of cross-gen titles has been one of the reasons I've not been very interested much about this gen and haven't gamed since last June......it doesn't really feel like it's actually started properly yet,it feels like some weird limbo state where most games are cross-gen and I can't get a look in at buying a next gen system anyway.That's probably not even true,most games probably aren't cross-gen,but I'm just not excited about gaming right now.
I feel like I'm waiting for that game to come along and kick off next gen properly but I'm not sure what it will be tbh.


Praise the force.

Now get rid of the fucking ponchos as a reward for exploration and gimme something useful to find.


ive been playing Fallen Order on game pass lately, very much a 5/10 game, story etc is fine but the level design is just awful, nothing feels natural at all, incredibly "gamey" since its just a glorified obstacle course.
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I really enjoyed the first one the little I played of it. But I keep getting to the wind temple where you have to move the ball around and quitting lol


In part it’s good news, in part it’s bad news because when they show this, they probably won’t show anything outside a small logo clip, and probably will release this 2023/ 2024…..


Series S gonna sell even more with a next gen only star wars game, especially as EA is likely to market with Xbox


Hopefully it isn't filled with jank like the first game. Also, get rid of the damn Dark Souls aspects and add fast traveling.


Didn't like the first game too much... I didn't even finish it. Still intend to give it one more try eventually, but not right now. Found the gameplay a little bit floaty and didn't like the lack of fast travels since there weren't enough incentives to keep exploring sections of the map after making my way through it once.


thinks Halo Infinite is a new graphical benchmark
For the last two years last gen has been in talks I never loved cross generation games ps4 lost its fast ball and seems to be back peddling its a good legacy console.


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It had better be. It's still at least a year or two out right? Enough with the cross-gen compromising.
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Really enjoyed the first one so I'm glad they can focus on next gen only.
But this is Jeff "random guesses" Grubb so take it as what it is, a guess. Anyone can do this shit: "guys I've heard FF7 remake part 2 will be next gen only and a Ps5 timed exclusive". Omg am I an insider now?
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