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Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Previews are going up


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Let me guess, they are all super positive:lollipop_squinting:



Looks nice but it's the story, set pieces and duels that will make it or break it.

We already know how the combat works, we already played 500 games with the same level design structure. Fallen Order's highlights were when it tried to be a sci-fi Uncharted and during the lightsaber duels.


Day 1 is almost like an idiot tax at this point with the deep discounts the first game quickly recieved.

This game looks hot.

If you're looking for a lucid and possibly slightly more honest take just watch Fextra Life they're not shouting or yelling about inane bullshit.


Every Soul game after Demon Souls is an expansion then.

At least they were doing something different (at the time).

The first Jedi survivor started so strong then just became a mediocre rehash of 200 other games I've played. I gave up on it after the third or fourth level.


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Yeah the first one was a decent 7\10 game but for some reasons it really felt EXTREMELY derivative and didn't improved absolutely nothing of the elements that was copying, it probably did the opposite.

The star wars coat of paint really made the game shine more than it should.


I own the first game but the character model is not appealing at all so I've never gotten around to playing it. He looks even worse now!

Any mods out there to change the guys head?


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Cant wait for this. I have faith!

Is their a confirmed performance mode on console? If not, guess I gotta go for pc
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