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This is a dump list of stuff that is possibly going to be in Starfield. Read cautiously with a grain of salt, we'll know the answer likely in a few months anyways:

  • flyable ships but some level of leveling with the ship along with character, and trying to do it on the level of FTL You gather a crew and you upgrade it
  • level scaling again like Skyrim, but done better. So certain areas will scale higher till you reach a certain level, then it will scale better to your level
  • ship combat for Starfield
  • Havok for character anims gone, remaking the character maker, like Skyrims with sliders but allow more complex sculpting. UI more like SkyUI
  • racemenu has been looked at a lot
  • ship customization (room based)
  • ship destruction again similar to FTL meaning its room by room
  • Each planets map will be roughly the size of Skyrim with one being a giant city hub world (New Atlantis)
  • improved shooting over FO4 and Skyrim's dual-hand system makes a return
  • modding tools make a return
  • Space travel works with blinking around space like in the trailer, and a simple flight system,
  • Hand Crafted worlds (with better procedual gen and better tools in general maps can be made real quick)
  • Starfields combat relies on skills and augumentations (think Prey). Auguments are less Cyberpunk but more biotech, will have visual affects on the player. Players can get scars from battles
  • organic levelling system like in Skyrim
  • Dialogue framework is similiar to Skyrim with some updates
  • RPG elements around your crew and ship
  • no voiced protagonist
  • Starfield's inventory system is again, similar to SkyUI (lists not grids)
  • go exploring solo or with your crew, if youre not careful on your adventures crew can be killed
  • settlement system is in
  • allow players to have their own start, like the alternate start mod.

No source. I'm not a leaker. In roughly a few weeks/months we will know the truth and compare.
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I just plain don't have a lot of confidence in Starfield until I see otherwise. Not ready to discount anything, but BGS has essentially made the same style of game for the last 20 years or so and going so far outside their norm could really mean anything is possible. I'll stay cautiously optimistic.

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I hope the crew part is optional, i hate having to manage a crew in any game, be it dragon age, mass effect or any game really, skyrim's followers I completely ignored all together

Every planet being the size of Skyrim is good tho, I have high hopes for this one, specially it being next gen only


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Sounds good, sound huge and I can't wait. I'm actually glad the protagonist won't be voiced. I usually prefer that, but it just doesn't feel right in a Bethesda RPG for some reason.

Mister Wolf

Tell me about the aliens. If there are no intelligent alien species capable of space travel then my interest will be gone.
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