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Steam Deck at home- Did you try Moonlight or Steam Link apps?

Did you try any remote play app?

  • Yes, it was awesome

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  • Yes, but it wasn't a pleasent experience

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  • Game streaming? Boo/I want DMC style Kratos

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If you have Nvidia Gpu, you should try Moonlight app on your phone. Turn "game streaming" option on from your geforce experience settings and you're good to go. Plug your controller for the best experience.

It's not perfect, but I had good time with it. It has input lag, for sure, but it didn't bother me that much while playing Dead Cells or Spelunky. Even Doom 2016 plays nicely on it.

Steam Link has slightly more input lag. Even at the same resolution(480p) with Moonlight, texts are hard to read. It's a lesser experience imho.

There is an Amd version and Parsec too. If you have any experience with them(or with another app), please share it with us.

If you want a Steam Deck or want to try one before buying(to see if you need an handheld Pc), you should give these apps a chance. They make the waiting process even harder:)

Test setup: 36 mbit internet, 2,4ghz wireless modem(in the same room, 1 meter away), Samsung low-mid tier phone, dobe ds4 stand for phone, ds4(via bluetooth).
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