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Street Fighter VI to be announced next week?


Went to their website and they so hate story cinematic mode. Why is that?

I’m not quite sure. I mean, if they have a preference for not wanting it, I can respect it. I personally love them and actually expect them with my fighters. Some are definitely better than others though.

It’s quite amusing how much they “hate” things, but always accusing those with a difference of opinion with hate filled vitriol and dog piling.

Sadly, I believe a majority them actually hate themselves…

In any case, don’t take anything seriously over there if you value your mental well being.


are in a big trouble



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I almost forgot what a disaster SFV was. If they're still going for the same style of trying to build some sort of living-online-service crap, instead of a complete & streamlined arcade experience, this franchise is just dead to me.
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I feel silly for getting even 10% excited for this at least we have a cool fighting game collection coming
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