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Studio Spotlights - The Best Of The Best


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Consumers are often blessed when it comes to selecting and devouring media, and gamers are no exception to this overindulgence of creativity and passions. From humble individuals operating out of their bedrooms to create something fresh and exciting to large-scale development houses backed by countless funding and talented designers hoping to reach the largest target demographic, we truly have it made when it comes to gaming. Genres have allowed us to organise this excessive amount of content and because our time becomes more fleeting as we age, we often find ourselves sticking to the confines of a particular category, large in part due to the dominance of a noteworthy studio ruling the working class. You want first-person shooting? ID Software are around the corner, in the mood for some exploration, allow me to introduce my friend Bethesda and if you really want something horrifying then Konami are a phone call away. Multiple instalments have allowed us to enjoy the fruits of these companies and it doesn't hurt too that we become accustomed to the individuals spearheading these franchises, most of whom are charismatic and often likeable thanks to their enthusiasm and quirkiness. This thread highlights those studios you have a particular fondness for whether it be due to their games, company culture or the people who work hard to make their visions a reality.


3 - Epic Games



I'm speaking through rose-tinted glasses on this one as I'm a huge fan of Unreal Tournament, though nowadays it's all about Fortnite. Gears of War is something I haven't had much exposure to outside of Youtube compilations and Jazz Jackrabbit was a classic back in the day. Hopefully Epic will revive the Unreal and Jazz properties sometime soon...

2 - Rockstar North



Who hasn't had exposure to Grand Theft Auto in some capacity? From countless fans from all over the world and just as many angry parents claiming violent video games are the poisoning their children. That's not even mentioning the excellent Manhunt series and Red Dead Redemption, Rockstar North has had one banger after another, though I wish they would diversify their catalogue as they primarily work on two franchises.

1 - Bethesda Softworks/Game Studios


Technically Bethesda Softworks developed the excellent Terminator: Skynet, but I'm grouping them together for the purposes of this thread. As a huge Elder Scrolls fan and enjoyer of Fallout 3/4, Bethesda has made some excellent games over the years and many where I've become fully immersed and lost within. That's not to say their games are fully polished and without glaring issues, but the worlds they've created and the effort of the modding community have been nothing short of epic.​
Ever since Morrowind I've always had a softspot for Bethesda Game Studios. Morrowind really felt like at the time a game with infinite replayability and possibility and you could out right break it in so many interesting ways. And then to watch their input and hand at cultivating the open world genre over the last 15+ years has been interesting. Through their ups and downs over the years I still find myself installing a Fallout or Oblivion/Skyrim mod to play for just a few days or hours.
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