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Suicide Squad delayed till 02.02.2024


How do you polish a bad shooter into a good super hero game in 9 months? You dont.

Irony is that Rocksteady abandoned their style of superhero games for a dead looter shooter genre that is no longer popular. They did all that just for money. Now, theyre left holding their dicks not knowing where to go from here.

Get rekt you greedy fucks.
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They still haven’t put out anything since Arkham Knight (2016) right?
They did an Arkham VR game the year after. But that's it.

This game was supposed to release early last year, so I assume they have been working on this since Arkham Knight in various forms. There were so many rumors about a Superman game, so it makes you wonder if they started working on that, then remade the game into what we see now.

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They showed gameplay at the Sony event and it was just another "Games as a Service" style shoot and loot game like that awful Avengers game that flopped or the recent Gotham Knights that also failed for the same reason. Not sure why WB keeps trying to push for GaaS, literally no other company is trying it anymore. Destiny(2) are pretty much the only long staying one and I doubt anyone playing that is going to a different game.

This is factually incorrect and is misinformation.

There are plenty of successful GaaS games besides Destiny 2

Sea of Thieves
Apex Legends
World of Warcraft
FF 14
Warzone 2
Destiny 2

Blizzard is also on the verge of releasing Diablo 4 which is being marketed as a GaaS game and so is their next gen survival game Oddysey.
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The Rocksteady dev who’s been working on this piece of shit for 7+ years finding out it’s gonna be another 8 months at the least:



I must be going crazy cause I could swear we had this exact same news (along with the the Jason Schreier tweet) a month or two ago. Maybe I'm psychic?


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Imagine if they had worked on a Batman Beyond game instead. Kids woulda loved it and older Arkham/series fans too. Or even a Justice League game. Or Teen Titans. Or Superman. OR ANYTHING OTHER THAN SUICIDE SQUAD: GAAS EDITION. WHO IS THIS FOR?!

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What became of Rocksteady is such a tragedy

Coming out of nowhere with the Arkham series, 2 of the best games of that generation, such promissing studio, and then this

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I find it so odd that WB made 2 games that to me comes across as very similar. The safest bet would’ve been to let Rocksteady make a single player game because they’re experienced within that field and (or were) arguably among the best too.
Wouldn’t surprise me if trying to implement multiplayer without prior knowledge of exactly how to design that type of game is the main reason behind the game taking an awful long time to develop.
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I don't like studios catering to masses demands.
Do Your thing, release your crap and flop now. You will not save the game from people who dont want to like it.
Delaying forspoken by 10 years would not change peoples opinion.
This rarely works but hey... maybe I am wrong.


We ain't outta here in ten minutes, we won't need no rocket to fly through space
Only so much shitty live service residue they can strip out in 10 months. The core game will still be the core game.

What an absolute mess. 9 year wait for... this.


No one wanted a more glossy looking Gotham Knights.

I wonder if they'll do a U-Turn on the GAAS mechanics... that's almost a whole year delay.
Just release it and move on. It's going to be dogshit eitherway. Actually shut down rocksteady. Has to be the most abhorrent waste of time and resource I've seen since Anthem.


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Man, I'm rooting for Rocksteady but it's a shame this has turned out the way it has for them.


The gameplay needs a complete overhaul. I can't believe Rocksteady went this shit route, hell is this even made by Rocksteady? We already had Gotham Knights. I can take 1 medicore effort in the Batman/DC universe but not two.


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First thing to do is get rid of all the purple shit everywhere, including the purple weak spot blobs which looks just like Lost Planet, but that game had orange spots.


Surprised it wasn't cancelled already. That game screams generic GaaS garbage.

Also I don't think a delay can help this game. You can't fix core bad ideas.
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