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Suicide Squad delayed till 02.02.2024


I'm not one to wish bad things to happen, but this game should be put out of it's misery.

Everyone involved screwed this one up, big time.


Oh yeah 9 months for polish.


If this game, at the Sony reveal, had all praise and excitement then I’d bet there would have been no delay for “polishing”

I’m not attacking you, I just feel that it’s, only for polishing, is not the real reason.
Right, hence the "polished turd" comment. There's no doubt in my mind most people will hate the game because there's no way redesign the game in 9 months.


uses 'M$' - What year is it? Not 2002.
Lol how fucking incompetent can you be to proudly announce your release date just to delay it a year. Now they just look like idiot liars.
Reminds me of final fantasy 15 they had this big in person event and made a big deal about their release date reveal then it got delayed


Jesus at some point you just have to take the L and move on.

I see no scenario where this game makes back the money it has cost the keep Rocksteady running for 9 years without a release and further delaying will probably just waste more money.
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