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Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League - New Trailer | The Game Awards 2021


Can't even really tell what sort of game this is - presentation made it look almost like a hero shooter. Graphically not too shabby, but the try-hard tone is not for me.


Looks fortnitey AF... Not a fan at all. Also what's the deal with this suicide squad/Harley Quinn push we been having over the last 5 years. They always were a C tier cast of characters from DC...

Bring back Batman or do a green arrow AAA game.


Still wish there could be more Arkham games, but this does look pretty fun. And this is from someone who has zero interest in Suicide Squad. But I trust Rocksteady to deliver.
Looks better than anticipated....

I'm going to make a prediction here for the story:

Batman joins the team at some point...my guess is before you face Supes


This really highlights one of the problems with development times in gaming. Is there anyone who isn't sick of the Suicide Squad and Harley Quinn yet? And here we go again. I wish we were playing as the Justice League taking down the Suicide Squad gone rogue. Would interest me way more.

Also the combat didn't feel like it had much weight to it. But hey it's Rocksteady so I'm going to play it, obviously.
Suicide squad isn't a justice league level threat. A batman rocksteady game about taking down the suicide squad is way more stomachable. He can totally solo these morons.
Suicide squad isn't a justice league level threat. A batman rocksteady game about taking down the suicide squad is way more stomachable. He can totally solo these morons.
It goes without saying another Batman game would be better. I just meant if this was the only option.

But yeah, the idea of the Justice League vs these guys really makes no sense at all. Batman vs Suicide Squad is a much better premise.


I feel like many people are unfairly harsh on this game just because it isn't another Batman game.
As much as I loved the all the Arkham games I'm glad they aren't just doing another Batman game with better graphics.

I'm not particularly fond of the Suicide Squad characters but the gameplay looks like it could be great. And the idea of the heroes being corrupted and fighting the Justice League could lead to some great boss fights/moments.

Looking forward to this one.


If this plays like Guardians of the Galaxy single player, than I'm super hyped. If you're only playing on character and the others have brain dead AI, then that's fucked and trash, especially if you can't direct them in SP.


Yeah this is everything I wanted since the first trailer and the gameplay looks tight as fuck, day one. All that verticality leaves me drooling and since it's rocksteady behind the material is in good hands, haven't been disappointed with any of their games including their prior Arkham stuff.

I don't know how people manage to doubt devs who single handedly shaped every single third person open world game after them with free flow combat in it, to the point that even insomniac put their own spin on it (and it sucked)
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I'm split. I don't like the style and the overall concept looks like what would come to mind if you told me to make a generic modern game (online coop shooter where you fight generic monsters and probably gather loot).
But the actual gameplay looks fun, the movement and traversal in particular seem really good.
Is it more like Guardians of the Galaxy or is it built more like Avengers as in a Gaas game? If its Gaas its an easy pass for me, but i'd love to play a dope SP Campaign with those characters


Looks fun to me.

I don't get the complaint about the Suicide Squad not beating the Justice League. It's comics... everything is possible.

I mean Alfred already beat Superman in comics... It's not complicated to find an explanation in comics. Also doesn't Batman have a contingency plan for every Justice League member ?

SF Kosmo

...please disperse...
I don't give a shit about this IP, and haven't seen either movie, but this looks pretty fun. Got a bit of Infamous Second Son, bit of Spider-Man, bit of Sunset Overdrive. I think I'm into it.


I cry about Xbox and hate PlayStation.
Whole plot makes no sense.

Flash could snap the whole suicide squad neck in a mere second.


that gameplay killed all hype i had. looks like a micro transaction shooter..not an evolution of the batman series


Meh, looks like you will need a group of 4 friends to get the most out of it. I can barely assemble 2 people these days with our regular adult schedules so I'll give this one a miss.


They're leaving money on the table if this doesn't feature 4v1 PvP boss fights.
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