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Survey ranks intelligence of gamers according to platform and games played

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"A new study claims that people who own a PlayStation are smarter than Xbox owners.
It might seem a bit strange, but the report - which was compiled by Royal Panda - discovered that 'PlayStation gamers were found to be cognitively superior to their Xbox playing counterparts'.
This might seem like a bit of a cheap dig, but let's have a look into the facts and figures of this study - which we're sure was exhaustive and scientifically rigorous, of course - to see what they actually did.
Well, they took 1,001 gamers and gave them all a test to assess their cognitive skills. That test looked at four particular areas that are key indicators of intelligence.

They looked at the participants' verbal intelligence, mathematical ability, visual reasoning and logical reasoning to build up a profile of their overall intellect.
Before they took these tests, the gamers were asked about their gaming habits. The data from all the answers and results were compared together to establish the IQ levels for players of both different consoles - and players of specific games.
It found that Xbox users simply aren't as smart as PlayStation users.

PC gamers averaged an IQ of 112.3, whereas PlayStation gamers - in second place - averaged 110.7.

In third, there were Xbox users with an average IQ score of 103.8.
Lagging behind them were users of the Nintendo Switch (101.3) and finally mobile device gamers (99.4).
Make of that what you will.
In terms of the games that are played by the smartest - as far as this study goes anyway - Rainbow Six Siege gamers came top with an IQ score of 120.3, whereas Among Us players ranked at 118.9 IQ points."

Further details in the article.
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More artificial division!
Working with a team of academic experts, we administered a 4-part IQ test to 1,001
gamers and technology users.
The questions were designed to measure four key signs of intelligence:

Verbal Intelligence – Reading, writing and comprehension tests to measure capacity
for learning and problem solving.
Mathematical Ability – Problem solving and arithmetic tests provide a good base for
general intelligence.
Logical Reasoning – Puzzle based questions designed to measure lateral thinking and
Visual Reasoning – Visual based questions (such as spotting the odd one out and
finding identical images in a collection) to measure capacity to process visual material.

Before taking the remote test, participants were asked a series of demographic
identifiers which enabled us to calculate the results within this study (such as their
chosen gaming platform and their most recently played game).

We will just have to take their word for it. But hey they get clicks.


There are populations with average iq that low? ... *Feels smarter but not any smarter really*... How smart was GameCube when i was a young teen that's what i wanna know..
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I feel like some PC players feel like they are more mature because they can perform other tasks on the same machine. That might lead to an increase to their IQ because they feel like they accomplish more with their “Gaming Device”. They try and Alt + Tab their way through life.


Why do you guys do this to yourselves? Is it Gafs job to create a rift between console platforms?
Well, I wanted to see who would spot that the average age of gamers on each platform would effect the outcome of a standardized test more than anything.... Nintendo gamers having the lowest average age and PC having the highest (least amount of younger gamers)....

So the test on platforms really doesn't have much to offer.

Games.... same deal, some games skew older but maybe people of a certain intelligence gravitate towards certain games...


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It takes a very high IQ to work through all the stupid issues PC games have, you know.
I also think Xbox gamers have been made lazy with the automatic cloud save implementation.

I noticed PS5 has a similar cloud save functionality now that doesn't require any sort of manual intervention, and I'm worried it will effect my intelligence so I have it disabled.
I also think Xbox gamers have been made lazy with the automatic cloud save implementation.

I noticed PS5 has a similar cloud save functionality now that doesn't require any sort of manual intervention, and I'm worried it will effect my intelligence so I have it disabled.

For the survey they asked people WHY they used each console as well and every time an XBOX gamer said "it's the one my friends got" they were docked IQ points, lol.


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Install Gentoo. You now have high IQ.
Dont. Install Manjaro and use those brain cells for something productive.


A certain nintendo gaf member comes in here with his Nintendo fanboying seeing that iq score of nintendo fans: I'm a higher level thinker this side of Youngdefiant, Nintendo keeps dominating motherfuckers!!!!!!!
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gave them all a test

And I'm sure that test was a highly valid and reliable measure of intelligence.

Isn't the IQ test unreliable to begin with?

No, real IQ tests have very good reliability and validity stats. However, those tests take 2 hours to administer, can only be purchased and administered by professionals with adequate training and credentials, and are pretty expensive.

This is not that. This is likely a quickie online IQ test with poor reliability and validity. I wouldn't put much stock in it.
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Highest IQ by game
Rainbow Six Siege120.3
Among Us118.9
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare111.2
Fall Guys105.8
Animal Crossing104.8
The Sims103.6
Mario Kart99.9
GTA Online99.6
Assassins Creed99.6
Rocket League99.3
Candy Crush Saga96.4
Angry Birds95.8

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