Tarantino’s “Star Trek” Aims For R-Rating?

really enjoyed the first reboot but the second movie left me really cold. story was lame, the callbacks to Wrath of Khan were pathetic, and it was dumb, dumb dumb. by the time Spock was just punching a guy over and over i had given up. still haven't seen the third.

That script was absolutely awful, particularly given that Khan was meant to be a brilliant opponent, and they even pulled the talented Cumberbatch on board... yet could give him nothing to work with that even remotely pulled off the illusion of a mastermind.

a few years ago i sat through the entire series of TNG and absolutely loved it, there are so many good stories there.

TNG is peak Star Trek.


helps to know which one you watched. Kill Bill movies are some of the best movies he's made, besides dusk till dawn.

Robert Rodrigez directed Dusk till dawn. Tarantino just starred in it so he could suck on Salma Hayek's toes


not tag worthy
I would actually love if they did that since they all wear different colours.
“Why do I have to be a red shirt. Those things are cursed...” goes into long preamble about redshirts dying references ToS. Doesn’t die throughout the main movie. Dies really comically in a safe situation.


At the moment, it looks very unlikely for the reboot universe to be continued. Some key actors seem to have left the franchise, and as the Tarantino one would have been the fifth part and now the fourth does not seem to happen this franchise will probably die for a while (bevor the next reboot or Kelvinverse Next Generation).
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