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TECH Nvidia is reportedly preparing to abandon its $40 billion takeover of Arm


Is 'That Pure Potato'

Nvidia has told partners that it doesn’t expect the transaction to close, according to one person, who asked not to be identified because the discussions are private. SoftBank, meanwhile, is stepping up preparations for an Arm initial public offering as an alternative to the Nvidia takeover, another person said.

The purchase -- poised to become the biggest semiconductor deal in history when it was announced in September 2020 -- has drawn a fierce backlash from regulators and the chip industry, including Arm’s own customers. The U.S. Federal Trade Commission sued to stop the transaction in December, arguing that Nvidia would become too powerful if it gained control over Arm’s chip designs.

I wasn't so sure this thing was ever going to pass regulators. Still a rumor, but if that IPO is a thing and goes forward I think I'll sink a little cash into it.


i wonder if apple will buy it :messenger_tears_of_joy: i know they use ARM for their "Apple Silicon" chips but are they happy to do that or would they think about buying ARM?

ARM is too important and valuable i think that any company that can afford it would automatically have too much power. So who is most likely to buy it and get it passed?
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