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Ted Lasso | Season 3 Official Trailer



About freaking time!

PS: If you've never watch this series (you should), avoid the trailer, there's heavy spoilers in there from the first two seasons.

Believe Jason Sudeikis GIF by Apple TV+
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I sort of fell off mid season 2…. Haven’t had the urge to go back. Personally think the show is overrated. Maybe it’s because apple plus has nothing really else to stand on.


That's the reason people like it. It's from some of the same minds and creators behind Scrubs, if that helps give you a sense of what they're going for.
Scrubs had Dr Cox. Janitor and Jordan to give it a biting edge, not to mention Dr Kelso who was a Bona Fide a-hole - as well as the whole JD Turk, JD Elliot, TurkCarla, CarlaElliot dynamic and the spectre of morbidity and death.

Lasso has a grumpy footballer with a sweet gal, a self centred footballer, a jilted but soft hearted owner all centred around an eternal optimist taking center stage with a semi interesting cast of supporting characters...
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