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Tencent Acquires Turtle Rock Studios (Back 4 Blood)


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Turtle Rock will become part of Tencent, while retaining its independent operations out of Lake Forest, CA, USA, and its existing team will continue to run all studio operations, led by co-founders Phil Robb and Chris Ashton. The acquisition will have no effect on Back 4 Blood, Turtle Rock’s hit multiplayer action game, which is published by Warner Bros. Games.

Independent creator of Back 4 Blood, Evolve and Left 4 Dead empowered to develop new games, remain under management of co-founders, Phil Robb and Chris Ashton

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Where is Jason Schreier's article on the dangers of CCP-controlled companies acquiring game devs?
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Gaming media has no idea how to talk about China.
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Well they seem to want to make a game secondary and a monetization system primary so it's probably a match made in heaven.
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I haven't liked any of the games they've made, the auto aim in B4B on consoles was horrendous.

This sucks, but i don't see it as a big loss. I just don't know why tencent would even want them.
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Kev Kev

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what are the implications here?

never heard of this tencent fellas but from what i gather they are chinese? is this what happens when devs make bad games? they are in china developer jail? lol


Jesus, how many slices of the video-game pie does Tencent have now?
Riot, Turtle Rock, Supercell, Epic... I think they're involved with Ubisoft and Discord as well?
Tencent, embracer.
Now add Google and Amazon who has more money than Nintendo and Sony.

At least MS would be hit by anti trust, if they buy more big studios, but these guys down there won't get hit by that.

Imagine what these guys can do with their unlimited money.


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Wasn't it Back 4 Blood that already records voice under the guise of "preventing toxicity" or some shit? Or was that a different game I'm thinking of?
yeah but like..... what? what are the "huge" implications lol?
FOMO mostly.

China and US are constructing separate and parallel entertainment capacity. China will entertain its own people with their own products, and the US does the same.

Geo-politically, there is something to be said for the use of soft power globally. The US has had disproportionate cultural influence on the globe for quite some time, and China absolutely looks to do the same with their films and games - promoting positive views in line with the CCP.

Instead of having the Russians be the bad guy in every movie and game from 1980-2010, we may even see a few with US government / military bad guys. China came out with a popular film recently showing a heroic Chinese hero against the corrupt US Navy Seals or something, aligned with corrupt corporate interests. Their entertainment content may not take over the US and Europe, but I could see them maybe getting a foothold in Africa possibly.

China will also continue to exert its influence in the usual corporate espionage / consumer spying ways that everyone does these days. And the more games come out of China, the more censorship of topics they dislike will be seen as the norm across all games. And anything that helps strengthen the Chinese economy further entrenches the CCP into power, but that ship sailed about 40 years ago already.

It's a shame about Hong Kong, because I grew up watching tons of great movies coming from there and I'm not opposed to seeing some cool games coming from China. But it just comes with a giant anchor attached now.
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Kev Kev

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Too much to type. Think about the repercussions of the Chinese communist party owning a huge portion of the world's interactive entertainment.

They don't like to be criticized. They only want their truth imposed on the world. The long term chilling effect from them infecting global entertainment can't be understated imo.
ah, i see. ok thanks for clearing it up.

yeah im not a fan either.

*grabs pitchfork and torch*


I think it's time to stop blaming Tencent and put your attention towards the greedy Turtle Rock leadership and the rest of the sell outs if you care about those type of things.


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China's just buying us up piece by piece, and we're taking that money with goofy smiles on our faces because.

China's pretty much already 1984, who's naive enough to believe they won't try that here when they're majority shareholders in many of the largest companies in entertainment mediums? Christ man, people just don't care about the future for our kids at all. Its already happening, it's not some dark dystopic future, it's happening right now. Jesus........

I need a coffee and a whiskey.
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